The Perfect Journey

Ambika Shaligram
Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Web and graphic designer Kimaya Firodiya talks about her upcoming photography exhibition in the city

For web and graphic designer Kimaya Firodiya, life is a journey filled with kaleidoscope of ‘perfect’ moments. Firodiya, who is exhibiting 90 such ‘perfect’ images, at Darpan Art Gallery, from July 20 till 23, says, “I find perfect moments in my surroundings and my camera captures them. My idea of photography is recreating those moments, for myself.”

Based in California, USA, Firodiya came up with the thought of an exhibition, when she came to Pune on her annual vacation last month. “I wanted to share the buzz, energy and excitement of my travels with my friends and people here,” says she.

Titled Odyssey, so named because of her travels to Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Spain etc, Firodiya chose images that she had clicked via her iphone 6S. “I didn’t use my DSLR for this set of photographs. These exhibits display nature, monuments and are mostly static shots. I wasn’t doing any motion photography, where a DSLR could come handy,” adds Firodiya.  

Talking about her experience of using an iphone, the graphic designer says, “DSLR has its benefits — changing of aperture mode helps you focus and play with light. You can create more angles, more depth to your compositions. But I managed well with the shots that I wanted with my phone, specially in Santorini, Greece. The sharpness of the images was retained when I enlargeded them. The phone is very convenient and portable.”

So Firodiya and her parents, kids and sometimes her sister, accompany her on these visits. The family has absorbed the sadness of the Brazilians after they lost to Argentina in World Cup finals, and shared the excitement with the Spaniards when they won the World Cup. Impressed with necklaces, pottery, bazaars in Prague, Firdoiya captured the slice of culture in the cities she visited. She also climbed steps behind Acropolis for a particular shot, which she terms ‘inspiring edifice due to its sheer size, balance and architectural marvel’.

A student of art, Firodiya is floored with the creative works of the big names in the field of art. “I am floored to see these paintings in person. I like understanding the history, what the symbols mean and sometimes I just pause and wonder at the technical and artistic finesse of the craftsmen,” she gushes.  If that makes you curious to see Firodiya’s take on the societies and cultures that she has visited, do drop in at Darpan Art Gallery between 11 am and 8 pm.

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Artist Dr Murli Lahoti and Director, Sakal Media Group, Mrunal Pawar, will inaugurate the ‘Odyssey’ exhibition. The exhibition is open for all at Darpan Art Gallery, off Senapati Bapat Road, from July 20-23, between 11 am and 8 pm

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