Payal Ghosh’s next role inspired by Radhe Maa

Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The actress, who is prepping for the character, says that her focus is to get into the skin of the character

Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi-fame actress Payal Ghosh will be seen playing a godwoman in her next Jai Mata Di, directed by Saurabh Verma. What makes the character interesting is the fact that it is inspired by self-proclaimed godwoman Radhe Maa.

“I won’t be able to disclose everything about the film because we will start shooting in couple of months,” Payal says.

She says that she was going through several scripts but liked the story of Jai Mata Di. “I liked the story because there are many turns and twists. I am playing the protagonist of the film — a godwoman. And it’s the kind of film I like doing,” she says. 

Payal says that she has already started prepping for the role and as her director has suggested, she is closely studying Radhe Maa. “I am watching her videos, trying to follow how she talks, understand her mannerisms and how she gives spiritual discourse (pravachan). My focus is to get into the skin of the character because she is famous. Even Saurabh had asked me to follow her so that the process becomes easier,” she says. 

She adds that she is also trying to match her physical look with that of Radhe Maa. “I am trying not to lose weight because Saurabh wants me to look like a middle class woman. I want to also get her look right as we want to create the same aura that she has,” says the actress who started her career in South Indian films.    

She says that while prepping up for the role, she is being careful about the fact that the character doesn’t turn out to be a caricature of Radhe Maa. “Once we start shooting the film, it will a collaboration between Saurabh and me,” she says. 

But is she nervous to play such a controversial character and pat comes the reply — “I am having fun prepping for it. When you play a character whom you follow closely, it’s easy and fun.” A major part of the film will be shot in Uttar Pradesh, says the actress. 

Saurabh is known for directing films like Mickey Virus and 7 Hours to Go. 


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