Passion becomes profession

Sushmita Jha
Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Artist Tejashree Khanvilkar talks about Colors Expressions National Exhibition 2018, which she has curated

A professional engineer with a paying job quit it all to pursue her passion for art. When she took the plunge, she needed some advice, but none came through, because no one thought Tejashree Khanvilkar was serious about art. Today, she is all geared up to present Colors Expressions — a national exhibition — comprising mostly self-taught and amateur artists. This is her way of creating a platform for aspiring artists. The three day exhibition that starts from November 11 at Balgandharva Rangamandir, showcases the work of artists from all over the country.
Talking about her journey, the 29-year-old says, “I am an engineer and I taught it for two years. But somehow I wasn’t happy with my job, even though it paid me quite well. Painting was my hobby, but with time, I became really passionate about it and that was the time I decided that I am going to paint all my life.” 

However, it wasn’t cakewalk for her to make the switch. “I wanted people to guide me when I started painting because I had no background in art. Unfortunately, all the professional artists, I approached for help, refused to do so. People did not take me seriously, they thought it was just a hobby for me. But I did not give up, I started painting. Today, I feel there are no rights and wrongs in art,” adds Khanvilkar, who runs an art institute in the city called Tejashree Creations. She also collaborates with art organisations and curates exhibitions. 

Talking about Colors Expressions, Khanvilkar says that the idea behind organising this exhibition was to provide the aspiring artists with guidance and a platform to showcase their work. The exhibition also comprises artists who are underprivileged and specially-abled but their art is just impeccable. “We do not have any specific theme or category for the exhibition. We have selected paintings based on the artist’s background. For example, if an artist is a self-taught one, we have judged the painting based on that. Similarly, if an artist is a professional one, we have done the selection on the basis of professional criteria. The exhibition will have live painting sessions and audience interaction. There will be experts who will explain the technical points to artists,” she says.

There are several artists who are very skilled, but sometimes financial constraints prevent them from exhibiting their works. Keeping this in mind, Khanvilkar has decided to sponsor three such artists who are underprivileged but extremely rich in their art. “I won’t let their talent go in vain,” she says firmly.

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The three day Colors Expressions exhibition starts from November 11 at Balgandharva Rangamandir, 11 am - 7 pm

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