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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 3 June 2018

Rose boxes, bags, trays and suitcase boxes — Paper Concepts has many options for gifting. Founder Muffaddal Kagalwala tells us more

What does it take to run a successful startup? Experience, passion, hard work and a little bit of magic dust. Paper Concepts, based out of Mumbai, is one such startup which simply creates magic with paper, quite literally to put a smile on your face. Founded by Muffaddal Kagalwala, a graduate in Accounting and Finance who quit his job to start his own business, Paper Concepts has everything — from paper bags to suitcases made of hard paper, which can be used for packing gifts. 
“I have put in all the experience that I had gathered from my job of working as a sales manager in Dubai into my business,” says Kagalwala who is also an avid cricket fan and enjoys travelling too. 

He says that the reason he named his startup Paper Concepts is because they try to create magic with paper and various different concepts with paper. He says, “The idea was to give the complicated line of printing simple solutions. Usually, people go to different vendors to get the paper, then get the printing done after which they make the products. We wanted to be a one-stop shop for all our customer requirements: You have a concept and we bring it into existence.” They also create unusual gift items at reasonable rates. 

Paper Concepts has an assortment of hard board paper products such as rose boxes, bags, trays and suitcase boxes which was their flagship product and is a delight for all. Kagalwala explains that the vintage style suitcases, which can also be customised for clients as per their needs, can be used for corporate gifting or even for a quirky storage space for someone who likes to store things in style. 

Talking about the process of making the products, he mentions that there are two stages involved. The first is that of printing the required design on the paper and the second involves getting the finished product made by the labourers/ artists.

But it’s not easy to find labour. “Unskilled labourers are hard to train and you need a certain level of expertise to make this kind of products,” he says. That is not all, a startup needs to also build a stable client base and that takes a lot of time and effort. That said, proper advertising and social media have helped them build a niche clientèle today.  

Kagalwala says that they customise everything right from brand logos to wedding themes. “In short, whatever the client wants us to do they tell us and we get it done,” says he adding that the products from Paper Concepts can be purchased from their social media handles like Instagram @paperconcepts and Facebook or customers can directly call them to place the orders. He mentions that the price of products vary depending on the design. For bulk orders, the requirements and rates are shared on request. For other orders, the paper bags range from Rs 10 to Rs 40 per piece while the suitcase boxes cost Rs 450. 
What’s more, Paper Concepts is coming up with five retail stores in Mumbai. So you can shop to your heart’s content! 

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