This one will floor you

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 3 March 2019

After ruffled, cape, Victorian and bell sleeves, floor-length sleeves are captivating fashion lovers

With fashion becoming more and more outlandish, and taking inspiration from London and Milan Fashion Weeks and big runways across the globe, exaggeration is a huge trend these days. And when we talk about exaggeration in fashion nothing beats the way sleeves have been dramatised and magnified in the last few years in both traditional and Western wear. If you are someone who loves to play around with sleeves, try the floor-length ones which are ruling fashion shows, red carpets, wedding and parties nowadays. 

Long, almost touching the floor, flowy and overtly overplayed, floor-length sleeves have been donned by celebs like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Prachi Desai and others. In fact, at many international fashion weeks, even men have been spotted flaunting them and we won’t be surprised if Ranveer Singh sports them soon! 
“Celebs have already embraced the trend, and it is time you embraced it too! These sleeves add a dramatic flare to your simple outfits and help you make a bold statement,” says Delhi-based stylist Vidhu Chawla who says that despite the trend being huge, there are people who will have reservations wearing them. “Many do feel that these aren’t practical for everyday wear and may be cumbersome if they want to check their watch or drive, but that hasn’t stopped either the designers from creating or promoting them or fashion enthusiasts from wearing them,” he clarifies.  

When asked how these sleeves can be incorporated in our outfits, Kolkata-based designer Sumona Sarkar says that these sleeves look good on lehenga and saree blouses because they add fun and flounce to them. “It doesn’t really matter whether it is plain fabric or has embroidery, print or embellishment on it — these sleeves do make a style statement. When choosing the fabric you can go for materials like chiffon, sheer, and even cotton for floor-length sleeves,” says Sarkar who thinks that it adds a touch of modernity and royalty to Indian outfits.
Since the trend is dramatic and amplified, it is important to keep the make-up and other aspects minimal and understated. “If you are going for floor-length sleeves, ensure that the neckline is slightly deep and has no frills. In case you are opting for a top with these kind of sleeves, the bottoms — shorts, skirts, denims, jeggings — should be well-fitted and sleek. Avoid pairing it with flared pants or palazzos. However, the safest would be to go for gowns and short dresses with floor-length sleeves,” suggests Sarkar, adding that colours like peach, mint green, ivory, living coral, lavender etc will elevate the beauty of the outfit if one is going for statement sleeves. “You can also go for one-shoulder with a floor-length sleeve; it will look chic and stylish,” advises Chawla. 
Talking about accessories, Chawla says that going for minimal jewellery is the safest, but if you are confident, wear heavy ornaments. “A dainty pendant looks great but if you are someone who loves a lot of jewellery, you can wear a pair of statement earrings or necklace but wear them only when your outfit doesn’t have too many embellishments on it. Ensure that your neckline is not fanciful and your hair is done in such a way that the jewellery is not lost amidst everything,” he suggests. 
Sarkar, who recommends the trend, adds that floor-length sleeves have a slimming effect and create the illusion of making one look taller.

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