Old world charms

Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 22 April 2018

Yogita Chillar’s The Vintage Snob offers pretty hair accessories and delicate earrings that will help you take a step back in time    

Accessories complete your clothing and even help you create a unique look. How? Say, you buy a dress from the mall and then find your friend wearing ditto clothing at a party, and end up looking like Siamese twins. What would be a quickfix? Sporting different accessories.          

Inspired by a lot of unconventional accessories which were rarely found in India, Yogita Chillar, founded the Delhi-based The Vintage Snob. The accessories are not only pretty but affordable too. The 25-year-old fashion stylist and image designer used her avid interest in fashion to create attractive accessories. 

Talking about the idea behind her start-up, Chillar says that when she was surfing the internet a few years ago she came across an interesting site with a lot of cool and unconventional accessories which were rare to find in India and could not be delivered. The entire idea of starting the studio was to make an amazing collection of accessories so that people in India could also wear them. 

“I love challenging myself and experimenting with my designs,” says Chillar adding that since she belongs to an Army background she has visited a lot of places, and observed and explored a lot of different cultures which help her in her creativity and inspires her work. 

The collection at The Vintage Snob is all about elegance. From crowns to floral clips, floral headbands — the accessories look classy and delicate. That said, the accessories can be worn by anyone who loves a bit of the floral beauty to grace them, be it a bride or even someone who wants to take their outfit to the next level by going a bit vintage and adding a few bright coloured flowers or a rhinestone studded butterfly clip. These hair accessories are sure to make a statement and turn heads.  

Mentioning the process that goes behind making these accessories, Chillar says that once she gets an idea, she starts experimenting with the material required. She says, “We use a combination of different materials like fabrics, metals, ceramics, acrylics, plastics, gem stones and see which works best for that particular accessory.” Chillar takes a lot of inspiration from flowers. While her jewellery may look delicate, her collection is sturdy. 

Talking about the challenges while running an online business she says, “We faced quite a few teething issues but we tried sorting them out and have been striving to give our best everyday.” A few challenges still remain like they have to deal with customers who are skeptical about Instagram accounts not delivering what they promise. “Which sometimes leads to people not placing orders with us since they have their own apprehensions whether they can trust an Instagram page or not. Another issue is that people place orders and then refuse to take the parcel and pay for it. This creates a hitch in our business as we put our sincere efforts to ensure that the parcel reaches on time and the customer is happy with the product we created for them,” she quips. 

Recently, The Vintage Snob also introduced a variety of earrings which look like delicate veils hanging from earlobes.
The accessories collection from The Vintage Snob are available on their Facebook and Instagram pages. They take orders via messages on both the social media platforms and the price ranges between Rs 999 and Rs 7,000. 

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