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Alisha Shinde
Saturday, 31 March 2018

Ali Khan shares a few tips on how to take care of the aquariums in your homes

Aquariums have the tendency to stand out in any setting, be it an apartment or even a restaurant. They somehow magically catch our attention because of which we are drawn towards it. It could be the soothing water or the bubbles in it. It could be the colourful gravels in the tank or even the plants that grow in it. Or it could be the bright coloured fishes swimming in the tank or the sucker fish that is stuck on the glass sucking in all the dirt from the aquarium. No matter how big or small the aquarium is, we are likely to admire it.

“People should always keep a fish tank at home,” says Ali Khan, president of Aquarist Welfare Association Pune. He believes that it is not only visually appealing because of all the colours of the fishes and plants and the soothing water but the life it brings to a home is significant. Having an aquarium at home is not just about how big it is or how expensive the fishes in it are; what is important is to maintain a suitable environment which will be healthy for the fishes to live in.

Khan says the easiest way to keep the fishes healthy is to maintain the hygiene of the fish tank. “Having knowledge about the water parameters turns out to be the first step towards having a clean tank,” says Khan. He explains that a key part of aquarium maintenance is the water change. It is highly recommended to check the water parameters of both the tank and replacement water.

Along with the water, a good filter is a must for closed aquariums. “Filters make sure that the water in the tanks remains clean and healthy and moreover they sometimes create bubbles which is not only pleasing to watch but extremely enjoyable when fishes chase these tiny bubbles,” says Khan.

Many a times, people buy fishes depending on how they look and what pleases them visually. “What they fail to understand is that while keeping fishes of different species together, we need to consider their compatibility as well,” says Khan. He adds that some fishes are best kept alone or with their own kind because they have fighting tendencies while some fishes stay peacefully with fishes of other species as well. “It is important that people take into consideration how these fishes actually get along with each other,” says Khan.

Other than keeping the aquarium tank clean, another aspect that should be taken care of is the food. Khan says that there is a wide variety of fish food available in the market. “If you want to keep your fishes happy and healthy, it is best to avoid Chinese fish food.” He also adds that it’s best to opt for imported fish food and the best way to do so is by asking the shopkeepers from where one buys their fishes from.

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