Not a typical love story

Amrita Prasad
Thursday, 27 September 2018

Siddharth Kumar Tewary, writer, director and producer, talks about his upcoming show Radha Krishn on Star Bharat, what makes it different from other shows on Lord Krishna and mythology on television amongst other things.

Love stories never cease to fascinate us — whether it is the classic romance of Laila Majnu/ Romeo Juliet — or a present day saga of a young couple. But when it comes to the selfless love between Lord Krishna and Radha, we expect the story to be grand, full of stunning visuals and completely organic. Siddharth Kumar Tewary, television content creator, writer, director and producer is all set to bring the magic of Radha-Krishna’s love story on the small screen with his show Radha Krishn which will air on October 1 on Star Bharat at 9 pm. Mallika Singh will essay Radha and Sumedh Mudgalkar will play Krishna. 

Known for creating shows like Amber Dhara, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Mahabharat, Porus, Shani etc, under his production company Swastik, Tewary has created some of the most remarkable and iconic characters on TV. 

We’ve grown up seeing shows with Lord Krishna as one of the central characters, but Tewary claims that this is the first time that the Radha-Krishna love saga will be shown on TV. “Our first promo depicts the premise in just two lines — Jag karta hai prem, prem pane ke liye; inhone kiya prem, prem samjhane ke liye. The idea is to show the Indian culture, how we wear our colours, and show the world what is it about India that catches everyone’s fancy and imagination,” says Tewary. 

Along with a deep message of love, the makers have recorded 20 new soulful tracks — a mix of romantic melodies and ras leela tunes that are imperative in narrating the traditional story of Krishna as described in the scriptures. 

Seasoned actors like Nitish Bhardwaj, S D Banerjee and Saurabh Jain have already immortalised Krishna onscreen. Although Sumedh is playing Krishn, he was initially called to audition for the negative lead. After seeing the audition, Tewary felt that there was something about his eyes that made him apt for the part. “They spoke! Once he did the look test for Krishna, I knew we had our Krishna. Mallika (Radha), is a complete newcomer. She is extremely beautiful and her face has an unmatched innocence too,” he explains. 

Radha Krishn will depict the teenage years of Krishna, when he met Radha and the fun, colourful young days of his life.  Tewary who wears multiple hats, is passionate about writing. “I believe that I am a writer first. You can always write and direct for others but as a producer, you have the power to create and bring that story to life that you believe in and always wanted to tell. I enjoy writing the most as it liberates but at the same time being a producer is a plus point because that helps me tell a story the way I want. It all goes hand-in-hand,” he quips. 
Tewary feels that mythology as a genre purely stems from creative decisions and for him the number of shows on mythology was never the driving force. “I began my journey with Amber Dhara — a story that was close to my heart. I later wanted to break the clutter and create premium content. India is a culturally rich country and for us, mythology and history are an integral part of our lives. That is what we are depicting through our stories and shows on television,” he adds. 

While working on mythology, one needs to do deep research and as far as Radha Krishn goes, Tewary says that it is a result of a long process. The idea for the show germinated two years ago, but making it wasn’t easy. He travelled extensively with his team to the remotest areas of India which the scriptures speak of. “We also set up a research team under the guidance of Dr Kanan who earlier penned a book based on the life of Lord Krishna. We’re still exploring and learning everyday,” he adds.

He is of the belief that our rich culture and the ancient stories from mythology and history are relevant for every generation. “The whole family can sit together and watch these stories. The objective is to watch something, be entertained and also learn something from it. It’s very appealing from the content point of view,” he believes.  
But isn’t doing too many mythological shows going to typecast him?  According to Tewary, although his recent content is based on mythology and history, his production house has dabbled in many genres.  “Amber Dhara was a story based on the lives of conjoined twins. Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo garnered positive feedback for its progressive content. I’ll always produce content I feel for, irrespective of the genre,” he says. 

And what does he think about the popularity of live streaming platforms? “It’s very interesting to see how all these platforms are coexisting. Also these platforms aren’t limited to the Indian border — they have content which a global audience can also enjoy.  I think there’s an audience out there for all types of content. Language is no more a boundary.  We would also love to create content for different platforms but it’s too early to speak about it right now,” he concludes.

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