Nobody is offering me work: Shreyas Talpade

Debarati Palit Singh
Friday, 25 August 2017

Shreyas Talpade talks about his directorial debut Poster Boys, casting Deol brothers in it and how he’s not getting meaty roles 

Shreyas Talpade has turned director with the Hindi remake of his Marathi production Poshter Boyz. The Hindi film titled Poster Boys, stars Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Sonali Kulkarni and Shreyas. The actor, who is in the midst of promotions, says that they have made certain changes in the script so that the story appeals to a mass audience. “We have made it more massy keeping the Hindi audience in mind. Sunny paaji and Bobby suggested that we should make it slightly different from the Marathi but the crux of the story remains the same,” says Shreyas who has been travelling across the country to promote the film. 

The actor maintains that the audience has matured and is ready to watch different kinds of cinema. “We have tried something different in this film,” says Shreyas and gives us a peek into the film and his debut as a director.     

Turning director  
The Marathi film was directed by Sameer Patil. Ask Shreyas what prompted him to direct the Hindi remake and he replies, “Honestly, we couldn’t find a director. The original one was a huge success, so we thought of first writing the script in Hindi and then approach the director we had in mind. But the concerned person was tied up with work, so Sunny paaji and a few of my actor friends suggested that I should direct it. They were like, ‘You know the story so well’.” 

Shreyas further says that even if someone else would be directing it, he would have shared his inputs with the person. He says that because of the support of his team and actors, he was able to finish the shoot in 38 days.

A fun journey 
While many find direction a tedious job, for Shreyas, it was a stress-buster. “Currently, I am stressed out since the trailer has received such a good response. A certain kind of energy has kicked in and I am getting sleepless nights (laughs),” the actor says. He adds, “I am not a trained director; it has happened by chance. I have made an attempt to entertain people.” 

Balancing acting and direction 
The actor says that balancing acting and direction was challenging initially. “The first day, I was so involved as a director that I would remember everyone else’s lines and not mine (laughs). So Sunny paaji had to tell me, ‘You are also an actor in the film, so focus on your acting. Stop stressing out. The first day was difficult but from the next day I was okay. The team gave me a lot of confidence,” says Shreyas.    

Casting Deol brothers
This is the first time that the audience will see Sunny play an out-and-out comedy role. The Apna Sapna Money Money actor says, “Sunny paaji has a strong macho image, so keeping that in mind, we added a few nuances to the character. His character is a selfie addict and I have tried to retain his macho image in a subtle manner. That said, Sunny paaji has experimented with his character and image in each film and has always gone that extra mile. Before starting the film, I thought as a director, what different can I do? I haven’t tried to dilute his image but wanted to do something new.”

As far as Bobby is concerned, he has completed moulded himself for the film. “His last few films hadn’t done well, so he was like a clean slate. His character is on the same lines of Dharam paaji (Dharmendra) in Chupke Chupke. I asked him to grow his moustache and wear specs,” says Shreyas adding, “His character also speaks fluent Hindi, so we had a 12-day workshop where he would chant the Gayatri Mantra for 15 minutes. Every one has put their best foot forward.” 

The actor maintains that the film wouldn’t have been possible without the complete support of the Deol brothers. “I think more than support, it was their cooperation. They didn’t question my work but simply followed my instruction. Sunny paaji suggested a few things here and there,” says Shreyas. 

Staying away from films 
Shreyas, who was last seen in Wah Taj!, which failed at the box office, has acted in a handful of films in the last few years. “That’s because nobody is offering me work. I love films and acting. If I am offered a project, it needs to be meaty. Everyone goes through this phase when their films don’t work and that’s when you start questioning, ‘What’s gone wrong’? You have to be stronger and a better performer. I am not being judgemental but I am sure certain things are in store for me. Meanwhile, I am also focussing on my production house,” says Shreyas who is working on the sequel of Poshter Boyz. 

The actor has also finished shooting for the fourth sequel of Golmaal franchise. “We had a ball shooting for the film. Rohit (Shetty) believes in value for money, so the audience can expect this film to be crazier. The entire family can watch it together,” says Shreyas before signing off. 

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