No sweat, Just dazzle!

Amrita Prasad
Monday, 25 September 2017

Hair and makeup expert Aakriti Kochar shares her tips

Navratri is all about looking great and creating a style statement. Outfits alone cannot turn you into a fashionista, your makeup too has to be in sync with your clothes. While you may be a pro at applying foundation, doing the eyes or beautifying the cheeks can be a challenge. Aakriti Kochar, hair and makeup expert, Oriflame India, shares some valuable tips to ensure that your makeup is sweat proof and stays for long while you enjoy the festivities.

l    To make your makeup last longer through the festivity, make sure you use generous amounts of loose powder/ compact over your foundation to make it settle well onto your skin. Also, one might consider keeping a powder compact and lipstick for touchups in between your dance sessions.

l    Wear liquid lipstick or you can use it as a base colour for your lipstick to make your lip colour stay all night long despite the sweat and the nibbles you could be indulging in while you dance the night away.  

l    Complement simpler looks with 2-3 colour combination lip colours. Outline your lips using a darker lip colour and fill the lips with a contrasting colour and smudge softly so that one is able to see the gradation of both colours on lips.

l    Prefer using waterproof/ sweatproof eye liner and mascara.

l    Your skin is all about glow and shimmer. Say yes to cream-based highlighters for a glowing skin. Mix a few drops of highlighter in your foundation before application or apply a lightweight primer with highlighter evenly on your face and neck before you apply the foundation. This will give a subtle glow.

l    Opt for metallic eye makeup. With soft glitter making a comeback, it’s out there and flashy this year. Use metallic shadows on eyes with smouldering smudged eyes. If your style screams confidence, then this is the look for you. Compliment this look with metallic nails, this is the power look for the year.

l    Deep blue, and shimmery blue are the trending colours for eye makeup this season. Sport the colour trend with shimmery blue eye shadows with a winged eyeliner on the top lid or wear a shimmery blue liner contrasting with gold, black or bronze eye shadow.

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