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Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 6 April 2018

From busting common myths to the trendiest cuts for men, celebrity stylist Aalim Hakim talks about taking care of your hair during summer

Thinking about getting your regular haircut for the summer? Aalim Hakim, the Set Wet chief styling officer shares a few hot hairstyles for men to try out this scorching season. The stylist created hairstyles for the male models who walked the ramp for designers Dhruv Vish and Sahil Aneja at The Amazon India Fashion Week recently. From Virat Kohli to Ranveer Singh, his clientèle includes celebrities who have a huge fan-following.

Though they do a fantastic job of carrying off the hairdo effortlessly, the stylist is the one to make them trendsetters.

He believes that Indian men, the masses, are following trends, experimenting with hairstyles, colours and prefer maintaining good hair. “They are keen on applying good hair products that set their summer style making it an effortless experience,” says Hakim, who speaks to us about the many things you can do with your hair to get a new, fresh, fun, and summery look.

Gel isn’t bad
The notion that if you use hair gel or other styling products on your hair, you’re only bringing the curse of hairfall on yourself is wrong, says Hakim. “You really can’t believe everything you hear! There’s a lot of mystery surrounding hair styling, making it almost impossible to know what you should be doing to keep your hair looking great,” he points out, adding, “Hair styling is not only about shampooing and conditioning. Once you’re done with that basic hair maintenance, styling it right is the next step.

It’s a myth that styling your hair with hair gel and wax results in hair loss. Using a good quality hair product is important here to avoid hair loss, breakage and damage. Wax, for instance, is the latest hair grooming product that every guy must own. It is a saviour because we guys don’t tend to reapply or carry products in our bag and with a product like hair wax, you just have to apply it once and then you can restyle your hair how many ever times you want. That’s what I call efficiency!”

Hakim feels that he cannot stress enough on the importance of using good quality products and not settling for a cheap fix. “If you don’t use the right products for your hair, the experimentation can fail. Use products that keep your hair set in one place and yet the hair feels soft and not hard. I suggest men to opt for hair wax as its strong hold gives a unique character and texture to the hair, putting any man’s hair game on point,” says he. 

Colour it fun
If you want a change, you get a haircut, but if you want a complete transformation, add some colour to it too. “I think colouring is a good way to change your look and, if done the right way, it will definitely enhance your appearance. I suggest that men go in for fun colours like blue, red, orange, or something in shades of smokey grey and platinum this summer,” suggests Hakim. 

But before you choose you hair colour, you must be informed about your hair type. “Not every fun colour might suit you, so your hair stylist might be the best person to advise you on this. Also, ensure to use good products to maintain hair colour or you might end up making a mess out of your hair,” says he. 

How to decide?
“Before planning for a haircut, you should decide on the volume of your hair. Men with broad neck should avoid going for short haircuts. Haircuts should be done to perfection from every angle. Scanty hair looks best when cut short as it enhances your look and gives your hair a sharper appeal. Apart from deciding a perfect hairstyle, you should also give a thought to the hair products that suit your hair volume and hairstyle,” says Hakim.

You can use a glaze hair wax to give your hair a shiny look or work some matte wax for a night out making your look dapper and sharp. “For the best effect, take small amount of hair wax and rub it between your palms and apply it to your hair in an upward direction to achieve your desired hairstyle,” he instructs.

Cool Cuts
The Speedy Soft Parting: The style is ideal if you’re after a quick and easy look without having to blow dry — 20 seconds with a towel will suffice. Then you can work in a shinier product, like a glaze hair wax, rather than the usual matte finish. It maximises the easy, straight-out-the-shower vibe that suggests you have more important things to do than dedicate an entire morning to the bathroom mirror. This cut has shorter layers and texture throughout. The sides can be kept longer with scissors only, or a low fade would look good too. Working up the look with just the right amount of wax will make it stay in shape and also your hair will be soft even after hours for you to reset it for your evening look. 

The Casual Quiff: You can look casual and sharp at the same time with this quiff. The look has short faded sides and extra length on the top, so it is perfect for the hot summer months.

The style is easy to achieve by using the right hair wax. Begin with taking a bit of hair wax, rub it between your palms and apply to towel-dried hair. Use a fine comb or your fingers to coax your hair into a desired style. This will give your hair some much-needed volume on top while keeping it neat on the sides.

Ensure to not use oil on your hair during summers as they may drip, thanks to the heat. Some even mix water and oil to apply on their hair, guys just get rid of this routine! Prefer an expert product to never end up with the wrong hairstyle.

The GI Crew: For maximum impact with minimum fuss, make this year fun by finally going bold with hair styling. Keep it short and simple but don’t forget even the simplest of hairstyles need to be styled well. Work in a shine enhancing product glaze wax to give your hair a summer twist. Keeping hair voluminous at the right places, and also soft hair texture and not hard is the trend this summer 2018! This style evolution of short crops is simple to manage if you’re for the 9-5 schedule, but remember to check back in with your hairstylist every one or two weeks, or risk losing those sharp lines.

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