New comedian on the block

Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 27 October 2017

Leroy Matthew, who won the Classic Comic Hunt recently, will be sharing the stage with established comedians at The Pune Comedy Festival, season 2, today

Ask Leroy Matthew to give you a little background information about himself, and he says that he’s a native of Kerala, though he has never lived there. After getting a degree in Engineering from Hyderabad, he moved to Lucknow for a while and finally landed a job in a chocolate brand in Mumbai. Enough information to nickname him the ‘chocolate boy’ of the comedy circuit? Perhaps time will tell. But right now he claims he’s not getting the jitters to share the stage with comedians he looks up to in the industry at Pune Comedy Festival — season 2 this evening. Here’s more about the new comedian on the block.

It all started in 2014 when the Indian comedy circuit had started booming. “Comedians like Biswa and all were putting up videos on YouTube and I used to follow most of them. It was when I attended an open mic session I realised that I should try my hand at stand-up comedy. I tried to write my script and perform once or twice, but sometime in October last year, I can say that I really took it up and got into the groove,” says Matthew.

The first time is always a little unnerving, regardless of the activity. Matthew says, “There was some stage fright when I performed my first open mic. That time I didn’t know whether my content was funny enough or not. I remember that Aditi Mittal was the host and I was the last participant to go on stage. The ambience was really nice, but I admit there was a slight hesitation from my end. To be honest, I didn’t get all the jokes right the first time I performed, I only managed to get a few laughs.”

Matthew’s style of humour is very dry, he claims. “It’s about pointing things out which actually don’t need any attention, ridiculous things which I like to talk about. I used to joke about parental pressure to get married, and why do they do that. I also used to talk about how people when getting married do everything possible to be trending on social media,” says he.

Though he’s got just about 5-6 minutes to do his bit of comedy on stage, it’s a huge deal for the man. But there’s no pressure as he plans to play it cool. “I’m sure I can pull off a good show. There’s only the desire to excel. There’s no saturation for a comic because you are never meant to write the best joke, it’s always coming. I heard that in a talk that I recently attended, and it’s the best piece of inspiration for a comedian I believe,” says Matthew.

The Pune Comedy Festival — season 2, hosted by Classic Rock Coffee Co, will be held at Vrindavan Lawns, opp Sakal Nagar, University Road, on October 28 and October 29, 6-10 pm

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