Neha Marda enters ‘Piyaa Albela’

Debarati Palit Singh
Sunday, 25 March 2018

The actress explains her comeback on television and shares details about opening  her training academy in Patna

Doli Armaanon Ki-fame Neha Marda is set to enter Zee TV’s show Piyaa Albela. The actress is making a comeback in daily soaps after a gap of three and half years. Ask her what kept her away from television and she says, “I have always taken a long break after one show concludes. Maybe I don’t have the capacity to pick another character soon after finishing one because it gets monotonous. That’s why in my 12 years of career, I have actually worked for only six years.”

She also shares that she is also working on her dream academy, which will be launched by May end or June. “I have picked up a responsibility for my sasural (in-laws) who live in Patna. I think I have a responsibility of making the children of that state well versed with our industry. Usually, when a group of people get together and one of them is from Bihar, the person doesn’t feel comfortable sharing that s/he is from that state.

They say that they are from Kolkata or Delhi. Biharis should be proud of where they come from. So, we are starting a recreation centre alongwith acting, music, dancing academy. The USP of the academy is that none of the faculties would be from Bihar. In fact, people from Mumbai will teach the participants so that they are trained when they come to the metropolis.” 

Coming back to her stint in Piyaa Albela, Neha informs that her entry in the show will bring changes in Akshay Mhatre (Naren) and Sheen Dass’ (Pooja) lives. “I play the character of Bela, who is very docile, pretty and comes from a protective environment. Her husband dies on their wedding night and at the same time Naren also meets with an accident. Her husband’s heart gets into Naren’s body. Because of which, he starts falling for Bela. The story will now become a love triangle.” 

She adds that Bela is a nice girl, but there are several things that she does, that will make the audience sceptical of her behaviour. 

“If Bela is doing something wrong, there’s always some reason behind it and she does it with lot of conviction.”

Usually, when such a character enters a show, the whole intention of the makers is to create havoc in the lives of the lead pair. But Neha says that she is not going to disrupt Naren and Pooja’s life. “In fact, my life has problems too. But because our characters are interlinked, we go through some changes.” 

Neha says that when she got a call from the production house, she wasn’t too keen because she was involved with the work of her academy. “But when they informed that Sooraj Barjatya wanted a look test, I agreed instantly. It’s been my childhood dream to be a Sooraj Barjatya heroine. So I agreed to do the role without even listening to the script,” she says before signing off. 

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