Neck to Neck

Amrita Prasad
Monday, 12 June 2017

Choker dresses, tops, gowns and jumpsuits are the latest fashion trend. Here’s a look at how to sport them

Choker necklaces, a fashion accessory of the 80s and 90s, were a rage last year. Now, choker-styled outfits are a hot pick for fashionistas.  Hollywood celebrities like JLo, Jenner sisters, RiRi, Gigi Hadid, Megan Fox, Selena Gomez and others have been spotted flaunting choker dresses and tops at public appearances and choker jumpsuits and gowns at red carpet events. While it is the most ‘in-thing’ in the West, many Bollywood divas have also been seen rocking this trend for both casual and party looks.

If you are someone who appreciates retro look, choker-inspired garments are just your thing. Says Delhi-based designer Rinku Sobti, “One trend which has come like a tornado is choker-style outfits. Whether it is a choker top, choker dress, jumpsuit with choker neckline — the trend has created waves amongst those who take fashion seriously. It is an extremely easy look to pull off and you do not require a lot of jazz or accessories to make an impact. Just sporting the right choker outfit and being minimalistic can make you look trendy.”

If you think all choker dresses, tops, blouses or jumpsuits look alike, you are wrong. While some chokers are totally detached from the outfit, a few others are a part of the neckline. Then there are a few more which are extended to be a part of the back of a backless dress and then there are others which look like neckpieces on off-shoulder outfits.

Talking about the different styles, Sobti says, “Some of the most popular patterns are gal strings attached choker dresses, t-strap choker dresses, lace up ripped choker dresses, choker halter dresses which are perfect for night outs, off-shoulder choker dresses and tops, band collar with deep V neckline choker dresses/ tops/ jumpsuits. However, choker tee dresses, which are very casual and girly to sport, are the latest picks and one of the most selling items.”

Sobti further adds that her favourite is the gal strings attached choker dress because it gives a casual and sexy look at the same time. “It gives you an illusion of a long neck. The way it sits on your body is what makes it alluring. To top it all, it is also very comfortable and can be worn both during the night and day,” she advises.

One of the best things about choker-styled outfits is that they are available in a variety of fabrics which suit every weather and body type. They are available in polyester, cotton, satin, lace, velvet and other such fabrics which give a nice fall and fit to your body. Talking about the prints, Sobti says, “For daywear, printed choker dresses or tops look good and for an evening event, a get-together with your gang or a date night, choose solid colour fabrics.” Some of the most commonly chosen and classic colours are black and white.

There are various ways in which you can style your choker tops or dresses. Sharing a few tips, she says, “If you do not own a choker outfit already, accessorising a button-down shirt with a similar colour skinny scarf is a great way to create the look. Just cross the two ends of the scarf around the front of your neck and knot the ends at the back. Wearing the choker top backwards is the trendiest way to style it.”



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