Natasha Bharadwaj, Aman Gandotra win ‘India’s Next Superstars’

Debarati Palit
Sunday, 8 April 2018

The winners talk about their journeys and share their future plans

After months of fighting tough competition, Natasha Bharadwaj and Aman Gandotra were declared winners at the finale of Star Plus’ India’s Next Superstars. The talent reality show was judged by Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty who also declared Shruti Sharma as the third winner.

When ST spoke to Aman post the win, he couldn’t contain his excitement. “I am very satisfied, happy and proud of myself. I can’t digest the fact that I have won the show,” he says, to which Natasha says, “The journey has been overwhelming and ecstatic for me. The fact that I have won the show hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s been my childhood dream to bag a role in a film by Karan Johar sir and Rohit Shetty sir and that I have bagged it at such a young age is blissful and satisfying. I still have a smile on my face as I’m talking to you about it. I want to dedicate this to my mother, without a doubt. I slept with this award in my arms and woke up to it, it’s a dream come true and I have to keep pinching myself.”

The winners of the show will get to work in a film which will be a joint venture between Karan Johar, Rohit Shetty and Soft Star Studious.

Ask Aman what has been the most memorable part of the journey and he replies, “My entire journey actually. With so many ups and downs, I have seen both good and bad days. In the initial days, my journey wasn’t good but I worked really hard on my acting and dancing, specially my dancing skills.” He says that he had no background in acting or theatre so he had to work harder on himself. “I was the youngest contestant on the show and therefore had no experience in acting but others had a fair amount of experience.”

Talking about her journey, Natasha says, “My journey in India’s Next Superstars has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. I have had my highs and lows but it has been a happy journey. My highs have taught me a lot but the lows taught me more when I had the time to retrospect and see where I faltered. I feel you must taste failure to learn and feel success. The setbacks have pushed me to work harder. Now that I have won the show, I will work harder because this is what I want to do everyday. I believe in destiny but you can’t expect it to work out on its own, you have to work towards it.”

She adds that she will miss being in the academy the most, especially with her co-contestants, judges, choreographers and the technicians. “They are the heart of our performances,” she adds.

Aman says that he sees a lot of positive changes in himself since he’s been part of the show. “After coming to the academy, I have become a good actor along with becoming a better human being. I started from zero and now I am a hero,” he smiles. The 20-year-old, who started his career in modelling and later moved to acting says that his passion for the craft happened because of his work in modeling. “When I started modeling, I realised that I should also try acting. I started auditioning for roles and that’s when I heard about India’s Next Superstars,” he adds.

Aman will now wait for Karan and Rohit to guide him in his career. “I used to watch them on television and think, ‘will I ever get a chance to work with them’. I want to continue working with them in their films and stay under their guidance,” he says. The biggest surprise, says he, was that both Karan and Rohit were not only humble and encouraging but they were also involved in the growth of each contestant. As for his future plans, he replies, “I want to do action films.”

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