The multifaceted Indian woman

Sakal Times
Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The IamAND digital campaign aims to further empower womanhood

Women are multifaceted — they juggle different activities, play diverse roles and carry loads of expectations. They live their life to the fullest and fulfill their choices with confidence and style. We know that women express themselves through what they wear — at work and home.

AND associates with some of these women who play their part with sheer elegance and inspire. The campaign #IamAND looks at putting a spotlight on these women who have successfully straddled multiple roles in their lives.

The AND journey began in 1995, with a 300-sq-ft shop and a vision to give the urban Indian woman fashion that did not just fit her body but also her lifestyle. But the journey to getting there wasn’t easy, especially with a landscape populated by heavily embroidered Indian clothes. “I heard more ‘NOs’ than I can count. But they just egged me on. They said I couldn’t. So I did. I believe that today’s Indian woman is on the brink of a revolution. She can do anything she sets her mind to. We’re just here to inspire her to go ahead and live her dream because sometimes, it is important to know that if someone else has, then so can you,” says Anita Dongre, chief creative officer of House of Anita Dongre.

“AND is one brand that has changed the fashion scenario in the country, being one of the first western-wear brand offering international styles to Indian Women. I truly believe that with its new campaign, the brand conveys a very strong message of celebrating the multifaceted personality of the modern Indian woman, which I truly identify with,” says Kareena Kapoor Khan.
#IamAND campaign is an attempt to reach out to those extraordinary women who believe that they are unstoppable. This campaign features such women who are successful, and beautifully balance their life and career. With this, AND also launches a series of inspirational stories, which not only motivate but also inspire women to live their dreams.

The campaign was launched with a video that features Kareena Kapoor Khan and a host of women such as Tania Sachdev (grand master and commentator), Anushka Menon (photographer and Dj), Kanchan Daniel (musician and psychologist) and Pranita Balar( media planner and canine consultant) with inspirational stories to tell.

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