Mesmerised with Mandu

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Painter and illustrator Chandramohan Kulkarni’s latest art exhibition is inspired by Mandu or Mandavgad, the ancient city of Madhya Pradesh and its beauty.

The drawings and sculptures you will see at the exhibition are inspired by my love for Mandu,” says renowned painter and illustrator Chandramohan Kulkarni. His latest exhibition titled ‘Re-Imaging Mandu’ will be on display from May 9 to 13 at Art2Day Gallery, Bhandarkar Road.

“I am working with Tata Trust and we are running a illustration academy. We had selected 20 students from across the country and organised a session for the kids at Mandu in January. I fell in love with Mandu and it touched my mind,” says Kulkarni.
“It’s a beautiful place. Over the century, different dynasties have ruled Mandu and in the process, they have left behind some of their monuments, palaces, tombs and shopping streets. There must be 50 monuments in that small place,” he says, adding,

“The whole place is far off from contemporary lifestyle and even though technology works there, you will still find yourself alone. In fact, once you visit the place, you will get into a retrospective mode and start questioning your life and your own existence.”
He says that the several big baobab trees and ruins of these ancient monuments makes the place interesting. Kulkarni says an artist/s gets affected when they see a big dynasty in ruins.

“Many poets have written about this place. Similarly, it affected my mind too and I re-imagined the work in my own way. The arches and pillar inspired me. One will find history etched in every stone and ruins and I have captured all this in my art work,” he says.

After coming back to Pune, Kulkarni made around 38 drawings and seven sculptures which are on display here. “There are line drawings. I have played a lot with the lines. I wanted to look at them more seriously,” he adds.   

Kulkarni says that he did not work on anything else, when he was working on Mandu series. Talking about the medium he has used, the artist says, “For the drawings, I have used pen and ink on paper. For the sculptures, I have used cement but I have bought some stones from Mandu, which I have used too.”

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Catch the exhibition from May 9-13, 11.30 am-6.30 pm at Art2Day Gallery, above Skoda car showroom, Bhandarkar Road

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