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Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 25 August 2017

Menswear designer Sahil Aneja talks about his latest collection titled Restricted 2.0 aimed at making the wearer a trendsetter rather than a follower

Encouraging fashionable Indian men to step out of their comfort zones and try new trends is Sahil Aneja’s goal. “The Indian male has evolved and the traditional attempts have been based on ‘adapting’. We intend to redefine this attempt to not ‘adapt’ but ‘inspire’ the global man to what will be seen as the new-age global Indian man,” says Aneja, who showcased his latest collection titled Restricted 2.0 at the recently-held Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2017.

Why is his collection titled so? “Because this fall/winter collection defies norms of the basic fashion sense prevailing across the Indian market. We aim to provide a very cool and artistic collection influenced by street signs and inspired by my recent visit to Japan, yet adhering to elegant fashion designs,” says Aneja, adding, “From boardrooms to celebratory dressing, our range captures the innermost emotion of pride and passion.”

He shares that design, texture, print and colour are critical to every piece designed under his brand. “Design and print are two key elements contributing to the sartorial excellence. And it is the blend between design and print that makes each fashion piece narrate a story,” says the designer who has used monotones — mainly black, white and grey — with dashes of blue and splashes of pop colours. Keeping in mind the upcoming winter in this part of the world, Aneja has used denim, wool, flannel and leather.

“An effort has been made to use different kinds of techniques for printing and embroidery. Our collection is for a very challenging modern Indian male who has evolved and stepped out of the comfort zone into the broad fusion led and dynamic international fashion world,” says he.
Aneja’s silhouette are a combination of fine tailoring, sports luxe and street wear. “The collection is bold, fusion led, dynamic and yet operating in the boundaries of the codes of male fashion. Colours play a critical role in the brand story and the boldness of colours is critical to enhancing the ‘noticeability’ of the range,” he says.

Does he think that men in urban India have become more experimental with the way they dress now? He answers, “The Indian man does need to step out of his comfort zone and reach out to the global audience as an inspiration and not as a follower.”

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