Medical aid at fingertips

Amrita Prasad
Monday, 11 June 2018

Medipta app is a one-stop smartphone application for all your healthcare needs

Like most other things, medical facilities must also be available at your fingertips and Medipta lets you access everything related to health, hospital, medicines, doctors etc in the blink of an eye. Created in collaboration with The Maharashtra State Chemists & Druggists Association (MSCDA), Medipta is an app that offers a one-stop  solution to all your healthcare needs.  

The MSCDA is encouraging and assisting the drug trade industry to promote the development of the pharmaceutical sector. 

In collaboration with Medipta, all chemists and druggists will get an opportunity to increase business by connecting people in the same field. Right from finding the right doctor, to booking an appointment, getting your medicines delivered at your doorstep, connecting patients, doctors, diagnostic labs and chemists, Medipta offers it all. You can search all types of healthcare providers on a single platform and find out the availability of online prescription, appointment alert, maintaining healthcare record and so on. 

Member benefits
Once you register as a member on the app, you begin to enjoy several benefits. As a Medipta member, you can search for right doctors and their information immediately, book an appointment with your doctor or make changes in appointment, and get answers to your questions by chatting with doctors online. 

The app also reduces waiting time at laboratory for collecting test reports and fewer visits to doctors for sharing the same. All health records, prescriptions and reports are auto saved on the platform which makes it easier for you to share reports with healthcare providers or for second consultation. Apart from that it helps you get quotations from various insurance companies and compares them for you.

24 hr doctors 
The app is not just an answer for all the queries related to patients, it is also a great platform for doctors to engage with their patients and keep a record of patient history. Doctors can access and manage the appointment of the day and the app makes it easier for medical practitioners to collect and study patient’s report, and having more data helps to make better decisions. 
They can also give reference of other doctors to patients. Medipta allows doctors to reach patients in remote areas easily and gives them space for posting health related articles.

Fitness tips
Apart from these facilities, the app is useful for fitness experts to advertise and help people by giving fitness advice health tips and tutorials, ambulance to provide emergency service to patients with the help of GPS, blood banks to maintain blood stock availability records on a daily basis and so on. Chemists also benefit by expanding business by providing online service to customers.

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