Measure it right

Amrita Prasad
Monday, 28 January 2019

With Yogg Plus, a fitness tracker series from Portronics, you can kick off your fitness plans, and look smart and feel healthy

As much as your fitness routine, keeping track of your fitness activities is equally important to achieve your desired goals. You may have often heard at the workplace how goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound). Likewise fitness too demands measurable and time-bound goals for which you need the right device to track your activities. While there are hundreds of devices available in the market, choosing the right one, which looks trendy, and is wearable, pocket-friendly and has smart technology too, can be a tough choice. 

Portronics, an innovative and portable digital product maker, recently launched Yogg Plus, a watch-like device, which is a new addition to its Yogg series of fitness trackers. Yogg Plus is a blend of smart and sleek features, and claims to make you look smart and feel healthy. Following the principle ‘What Gets Measured, Gets Done’, Yogg Plus too measures your progress on the path to fitness. Taking the guess-work out of your daily activities, this fitness tracker measures the distance walked or jogged, the number of calories burnt in a day while keeping a track on your sleep cycle too. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you can give this ideal gift to yourself, your family and loved ones. 

The device not only tracks and measures your overall fitness progress but also acts as a daily assistant for reminders, fitness goals, social media and phone call alerts. It also reminds you to move around for better blood circulation when you have been idle for long.

Portronics promises Yogg Plus to have the most simplified charging mechanism for any fitness band available in the market. It can be easily charged by using any 5V/500mA USB wall adaptor by simply inserting the detachable Yogg Plus dial in the USB adaptor.

Dust and water resistant with IP67 standards, the rugged Yogg Plus works without a glitch even in light rain or during strenuous sweaty workouts. The fitness tracker enables you to track every activity data on your smartphone using an easy-to-use VeryFit Pro mobile app. It also allows you to set up to six daily reminders and lets you view various notifications including social media messages, SMS, emails, missed calls, reminders, and fitness goals achieved and has Bluetooth disconnected feature.

While you put Yogg Plus in ‘Sleep Mode’ the in-built sensor monitors your sleep pattern and displays it the next day. Yogg Plus pairs with smartphone on Bluetooth 4.0 which consumes less power and once paired initially it connects automatically. Once fully charged, its 45mAh battery lives up to seven days.

Portronics Yogg Plus is available in classy jet black colour at a very reasonable price of 
Rs 2,499 on all leading online and offline stores. It is also available for corporate gifting, customised with the company’s logo imprinted.

- The watch-like device is lightweight, comfortable and skin friendly.
- Set daily goals for steps to be taken, calories to be burnt, distance to be covered, and sleep time. Daily data can be synchronised with your smartphone using the VeryFit Pro app.
- Waterproof design (IP67) ensures that Yogg Plus works in harsh weather conditions, without any glitch. 
- Enables you to view notifications of incoming calls, Whatsapp messages, SMS, emails, missed calls on the go.
- Enter the device in sleep mode and track your sleep cycle.
- Enables you to set, pause, and reset the in-built timer to measure time lapsed for any activity.
- Yogg Plus acts as a normal digital watch where you can sync the date and time with your paired mobile phone.
- It monitors distance (in km), number of steps, and kilo calories burnt during the day.
- With any 1A/2A USB adaptor, easily charge the inbuilt 45mAh battery. Once fully charged, it stays charged up to four days, has a standby time of seven days.
- Set up to six daily reminders, Yogg Plus vibrates to notify you can tap to dismiss/ acknowledge it.
- Take pictures on your paired smartphone from Yogg Plus screen as long as it’s in 10 m (Bluetooth range).

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