Making a special effort

Alisha Shinde
Monday, 1 October 2018

Rohan Shetty, founder, Youth — The Power to Change, has started a new social wing Let’s Inspire which conducts inspirational and motivational activities for special children

If you want to see a change in society, you have to take the first step. If the country’s youth can make a collective effort towards the betterment of society, there can be a huge transformation. Youth — The Power to Change, founded by Advocate Rohan Shetty, is one such organisation that brings together youngsters to contribute towards community work and nation-building.  

Recently, they started a new social wing called Let’s Inspire. Their motive is to work for the overall development of special children. “More than sympathy these kids need support and motivation because after a certain age they have to leave school and lead their own lives and face the world,” says Shetty. 

Keeping these things in mind, Let’s Inspire conducts inspirational and motivational activities for special children. Shetty and his team believe that these children must believe in themselves to explore the outside world. “When it comes to children with special needs a lot is said but less is done. We want to do more for them and their future,” he adds.

He thinks that children with special needs must get opportunities to show their skills and talents, which is why engaging them in activities like dance etc where they learn to face their fears and feel energetic and happy, can make a whole lot of difference.   

“Frankly speaking, it is very tough to survive in these times. You never know what problems you may have to tackle, so to survive in these situations you have to be strong and self-sufficient,” says Shetty adding more often than not the children are restricted to the closed walls of their schools and homes. 

“They are hardly allowed to go out and interact with people other than the ones they are familiar / comfortable with, which makes it difficult for them to survive in the outside world once they leave school. So it becomes all the more important to prepare them for the challenges,” he points out.   

Even small activities can make a huge difference in their lives.  So when the children took part in singing competitions, zumba and even dog therapy sessions, there was a lot of excitement among them. 

The children have a lot of fun and do get a break from their monotonous life, but interestingly, they can also teach you some valuable lessons. Recalling an experience, Shetty says, “We celebrated dahi handi with mute and deaf children recently and the way they held hands and climbed on each other was simply breathtaking. Just by their eyes and hands they were able to send signals to each other and complete the task. They taught us that great things can be achieved if we are patient, and have confidence and trust in our fellow humans.”

Talking about their bonding with the kids, he says that the children are fond of them and wait for their visits. “Because of which we make sure that we don’t disappoint them,” he shares. 

In a country like India where the more than 65 per cent Indians are below 35 years of age, it becomes extremely important for the youth to inspire each other and push society towards overall development. “Of course all this is possible only through education because that is when the youth will feel compelled to come forward and contribute in their own little way, after all, just an effort is needed to start a change,” says Shetty adding that it is necessary for youngsters to educate themselves and feel more responsible.

When asked what is in store for the organisation in the near future, Shetty says that when they started out back in 2012 they were just a bunch of college students who wanted to bring about a change but now have steadily grown to over 100 members. “We want to strive hard to bring some change in society and work hard to see that justice prevails,” says Shetty.

The organisation is encouraging college students to get involved in college activities and student councils where they can learn things and in the long run join the civil services and administration to serve the nation.
In the coming years, they also want to bring about a revolution in education wherein proper education will be provided to the needy.

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