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ST Correspondent
Monday, 25 June 2018

Ashwini Darekar is one of the few socially conscious film producers in the Marathi industry

With films like Rege and Porbazaar and now Zipyra under her belt, Ashwini Ranjit Darekar can definitely be labelled as a socially conscious producer. One of the leading names in the Marathi film industry, it was Ashwini’s approach and understanding of social issues that convinced journalist Arun Sadhu to give her the rights to adapt his novel Ziprya into the recently released Marathi film of the same name. 

Many filmmakers and producers met with Sadhu and sought his permission to make a film based on his novel which tells the tale of bootpolish kids struggling to make a living. However, Sadhu chose to give the rights to Ashwini, her husband Ranjit and director Kedar Vaidya, because he felt that they could do justice to his novel. 

His sentiments were echoed by former Union Minister, Sharad Pawar, who watched the film. In his tweet (translated), Pawar says, “Arun Sadhu came to Mumbai from Achalpur. And, then became a pucca Mumbaikar. In his novel, Ziprya, Sadhu captures the life of people aboard the local trains, their struggles, their aspirations and their limitations. While watching the film, I felt that Ashwini Ranjit Darekar has done full justice to the story.”

Ashwini hasn’t just made socially conscious films, she also believes in ‘walking the talk’. Ashwini, who promotes arts, sports and environmental causes, has supported two bootpolish boys, Vishal and Vikas Uttekar, with financial aid of Rs 50,000 each. The duo are educating themselves while working as bootpolish boys. 

Now, all eyes are on Ashwini about her forthcoming ventures.

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