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Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 19 October 2018

Apache Indian talks about his new song Punjabi Girl in collaboration with Raftaar, and how he's all set to bring back old school vibes

Apache Indian is back in an all-familiar avatar with his new track Punjabi Girl. In collaboration with the most sought after rapper in Bollywood today, Raftaar, the 50-year-old reggae artist brings listeners a twerk-worthy party track which will take you back to the Boom Shaka Lak era. 

A part of his exciting new album On The Weekend, this dancehall number took him a year to make as he uses his mother tongue Punjabi. Here's catching up with him about his love for reggae, and bringing back the old school vibe:

- What has been the response you’ve received from friends as well as critics in the industry for Punjabi Girl?
The reactions have been amazing all round! People are loving the old school vibes with the new sounds and a great feature by Raftaar.

- How was the experience of collaborating with Raftaar?
It was great to work with Raftaar. He is a great writer, producer and performer. We both inspired each other in many ways. I learnt some more Hindi and a few new dance moves at the video shoot from Raftaar. 

- As one of the pioneers of Punjabi fusion music, what is your advice to younger artists?
I like to see the younger generation fusing traditional sounds with urban sounds. It just has to be done right and original for it to be respected and accepted. 

- Many popular favourite songs from the 90s and early 2000s have been remade for the love this generation has for things that are old school. Have you been approached for any remakes of your songs, and would you like to do it?
Yes I have, and I will for the right projects. It is important to remake songs and introduce them to new generations. However, some songs you just can’t touch. 

- Who is the ‘Punjabi Girl’ in your song?
Punjabi Girl goes out to all girls across the world regardless of race or religion. It's about telling the ladies that they can have fun with music and dancing without all the nonsense. 

- Reggae is gaining momentum again with music festivals featuring reggae bands and artists who are experimenting with the genre. Will we be seeing you taking the stage at such festivals in India?
Yes, it’s exciting to see and it falls right back into my genre. I am already in talks with people about festivals in India. I will be performing in India in the coming months. 

- What do you think of the reggae music scene in India right now? Do you follow any artists?
I love the scene and I follow Reggae Rajahs and Bombay Bassment! I have just signed Argenil, a duo from Bangalore to my company Sunset Entertainment Group in the USA. I think their Hindustani Trap, Hip Hop, Reggae fusion sound is fresh and exciting and will have an impact on the international market. 

- Will you release more videos of songs from this album? What are your future plans?
Yes, there will be more singles from the album in the coming months. I am currently promoting my album and will be touring around the world to support the release. Look out for new songs and collaborations too!

I’m also working on a film about my life story. And I also run a music academy for young people in my city of Birmingham. Please check out Apache Indian Music Academy @aimusicacademy and keep up to date with me by following me @apacheindianhq on Instagram and Twitter.

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