Make it look big

Amrita Prasad
Saturday, 15 July 2017

Bathrooms in city apartments face the maximum space crunch, but creating an illusion of a larger room, along with having storage spaces, is not so difficult

The bathroom is the last room you would like to showcase to your guests. But that doesn’t mean you should overlook the aesthetics of this space. For most city dwellers, owning a big, opulent and ornately-decorated bathroom may remain a distant dream because of the space crunch nowadays. Space might be an issue but if you think creatively and put to use your organising skills, you can create a lot of smart storage spaces and make a small bathroom look big.

City-based interior designer Sneha Kulkarni, who owns Home Star Designing Studio, says that the key is to utilise the spaces which are mostly neglected and considered ‘a wastage of space’. Says Kulkarni, “It often happens that we always give less importance to our bathrooms considering that it is one of the most unglamorous places at home but imagine this space being decorated in the most organised way! All you have to do is make the best use of every nook and corner of your bathroom. Whether it is the space below the sink or the space above the door, the idea is to turn them into storage spaces and aim for a decluttered and organised bathroom.”

She further adds that there are many clever hacks to create more room for your towels, shampoos, toiletries and hair driers.

How irritating it is to find a messy, congested and ‘hard to find things’ kind of bathroom! Adding a few shelves, using storage containers, utilising the wall spaces, installing hangers and so on are great ways to keep your bathroom arranged and store items which may otherwise create mess inside your bathroom.

Chandigarh-based interior decorator, Shivani Kaur Shah, who owns Designing Abode, cannot agree more.  However, it also matters how you place them. “Adding a shelf above the sink and placing your everyday use items is a great way to organise your bathroom. You can also play with the colours of the walls and floors and go for lighter shades like pastels, light blues, soft yellows and so on for a spacious appearance. However, while selecting the drawers, mirror frames, shelves, cabinets and so on, you can go for bright or deep colours to give them a more opulent look,” suggests  Shah.

A few tips
Shah offers a few suggestions that can create more space and storage in a bathroom and give it a neat and sophisticated look:

Mirror on the wall
Large mirrors in bathrooms create an optical illusion by making the space look bigger. You can install a cabinet behind the mirror, so that you can have additional space to keep lip balm, comb, moisturiser and so on.  

A shelf above the door
We all tend to forget the space above our bathroom doors and as a result they remain unused. By simply installing a shelf above your doorframe, you can have keep your expensive perfumes, cleansers and talc safe, and away from children.

Coat racks are magical
Instead of installing multiple towel rods to organise your towels, use a coat rack. A coat rack usually comes with four to six hooks, allowing you to hang each towel separately and it is handy for hanging other used clothes.

Utilise commode area
The space above the commode is a great spot for a cabinet, some shelves, or maybe just a basket for toiletries or reading material. Even the area under the bathroom sink with a pullout storage caddy or shelves is great for organising nail products, jewellery and so on.

Use the height
Utilise the space on the walls. You can hang vertical baskets or rods to create some more space up there.

Trays help
Ensure all the shelves in your bathroom have trays and dividers where you can put all the supplies for doing your nails in one tray and spa accessories in another. Dividers keep the trays from getting

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