Look within and feel good!

Sushmita Jha
Thursday, 20 September 2018

Dr Gaurangi Shrawat, who was recently crowned as Mrs India — Empress of The Nation 2018, shares her ideas on beauty and beauty enhancement features

From checking patients and writing prescriptions to walking the ramp and winning a pageant Dr Gaurangi Shrawat’s life took a 360 degree turn. Dr Shrawat vied with 32 contestants across India to emerge as the winner of Mrs India — Empress of the Nation 2018 pageant, which was held recently at Hyatt Regency Pune. The pageant was organised by Diva Pageant. In addition to being crowned, the 32-year-old also bagged the title of ‘Mrs Beautiful Skin’. That doesn’t come as a surprise because Shrawat is a dermatologist and is the MD and founder of Skinworks, the skin, hair and laser clinic in Salisbury Park. 

Shrawat has always been career oriented and being a medical professional, she hardly got any time for herself. But like every other girl, she too dreamt of being a diva some day.  “I had a dream of being crowned in a pageant. When the opportunity came by, I was very hesitant, because as a doctor I have to shoulder many responsibilities. But my husband and other family members insisted that I take part in the pageant. I am really lucky to have such amazing in-laws and parents who supported me. I participated in the contest and fortunately I won it too,” says the dermatologist.

Once she was selected for the pageant, Shrawat prepared for the various rounds. She, alongwith other contestants, was given thorough training and tips on grooming before the finale. Shrawat feels that the training “completely changes and enhances you.” 

“The four days of training and grooming completely changed me. On the first day, I entered Hyatt Regency as a different person and on the last day when I left from there, I was a changed person. I can feel the difference and I love it. This was a life changing opportunity for me,” express Shrawat. 

However, the increasing number of beauty pageants has had an impact on the young females. Looking beautiful has became paramount now and unnatural standards have been set up. As a result, we end up comparing ourselves with others. We tend to underestimate ourselves and not appreciating what we have been blessed with. 

Shrawat gets patients who want to look like her, or want to change their complexion. For them she has this advice, “Accept and appreciate yourself. As a doctor, it’s my duty to advise my patients. Some follow the advice and work on it while others approach another doctor.” 

The Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists has taken up the initiative to spread awareness that fairness is not everything and patients should avoid fairness creams and surgeries. 

Dr Shrawat, who is a member of the association, tells her patients that the Indian skin tone is appreciated all across the world, so we should appreciate and love it too.

Every now and then there is a new addition to the ‘feature enhancement procedure’ —  botox, fillers, skin peel, PRP treatment, vampire facial, dermaplaning etc. Shrawat makes sure her patients think before they make any decision of going for major change. “If it’s a minor treatment, like a facial, which will make the skin look better, I don’t ask them to rethink. But when it comes to major changes resulting from botox, fillers, and so on, I ask my patients to go home and think over it again. It is a big step, so they need to be really sure about what they are doing,” says Shrawat. 

She also suggests lifestyle changes to improve your skin and overall health. “Whenever a patient comes to me, I can tell how stressed out she is, by looking at her face. I know it’s very hard to be completely stress free, but we can take some efforts. You need to include citrus fruits in your diet, drink lots of water. It’s very important to keep your body hydrated,” she adds.

And, as far as the menace of too much information is concerned, Dr Shrawat says, “Consult your doctor. Go to him/her with all the information, doubts you have. He can guide you on the correct path. In one consultation, he can suggest a routine which will work for you for the next five to ten years.”

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