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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 1 April 2018

Avneet Bagga shares how Zumba helped her in staying fit

Hitting the gym and working out on massive machines targeting the various body parts has become essential to build a lean, mean body. However,  working out can be difficult for those who have had a long day at work. They might not be able to sustain their gym routine for a long period. 

But, who said you have to hit the gym to stay healthy? There are other fun exercise options too. Avneet Bagga, a credit relationship manager, has found her solace in exercise and Zumba. “I have had health issues and I used to hate taking medicines because of which I started working out. I joined a gym just because my friends used to be regular there,” says she. 

The workout did help her in resolving health issues. But Bagga mentions that she was lazy and would find excuses to skip gym. Then, one fine day, she attended a Zumba session and fell in love with it. “Zumba has definitely changed my perception about cardio workouts now. I used to hate cardio earlier. I had to motivate myself to step on to a treadmill,” adds Bagga.

But she enjoyed zumba because it was just like dancing. “I like dancing. It’s my hobby. Zumba too became my hobby. I believe that incorporating a hobby attuned with my fitness goals is the best thing that has happened to me. My day is incomplete without Zumba, so I make sure I take some time out and practise my moves,” she says.

Bagga, who is now a certified Zumba instructor, adds, “Zumba has helped me get in shape, stay active, without draining a lot of energy. It also gives me peace of mind.”

She believes that moving her body to burn maximum calories is the key to fitness. “One hour of exercise and seven to eight hours of sleep is all that one needs,” she explains.  

Being a foodie, Bagga does find it difficult to maintain a special diet, so she eats in proper proportions now. “You need not follow a strict diet and push your body to an extent where it finally gives up. You should start your day with a good protein-rich breakfast. Eat healthy food every two hours — be it fruits, boiled oats, sprouts or any other low carb food. Avoid consuming a heavy dinner because that’s one of the reasons people tend to put on weight. Eating your dinner two hours before you go to bed is the best trick to follow,” she adds. 

The banker also mentions that even though supplements might help you get adequate amounts of essential nutrients, it cannot take the place of the variety of foods that are so important in a healthy diet. “Many supplements contain active ingredients that can have strong effects on the body. Always be alert to the possibility of unexpected side effects, especially when consuming a new product,” says Bagga who prefers intake of nutrients through natural food.

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