Let’s ride together

Amrita Prasad
Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Making travelling more convenient and eco-friendly for millennials, carpooling apps are also helping them earn  

With more and more young professionals becoming aware of air pollution, traffic woes and resource depletion, car/ bike pooling is becoming more common. And Uber and Ola aren’t the only options when it comes to hiring a cab or sharing a ride. sRide, a free app on GooglePlay and App Store, allows car / bike owners to share a ride with others or app users too can ask for a ride from vehicle owners. Among the many car and bike pooling, apps, sRide has become quite popular because not only it is affordable but it also allows vehicle owners to earn while sharing a ride.   

We talk to a few users: 

Since 2018, I have been using QuickRide and sRride and offering rides to other passengers from Dhanori to Hinjewadi and back. Earlier, I would end up burning a hole in my pocket while buying petrol but with these carpool apps, I have not only been saving, but earning as well. I get at least 2-3 requests for carpool and apart from saving on fuel cost, I have good company on my way to work. The rides often turn out to be entertaining. Isn’t riding with people you can talk to much better than driving alone? Sometimes, I even get points from riders which I can convert to money and transfer to my paytm wallet or even use the points to avail a car ride. Uber and Ola are too expensive when you have to travel long distance, so for me carpool on these apps is the best option. 
— Chinmayi Bhambure, IT professional and blogger, Pune

I offer rides on my two wheeler and by doing so, I think I am doing my bit for the environment. In Hyderabad, I see almost everyone using his/ her personal vehicle for commuting, which is adding to the pollution and traffic chaos in the city. If I can help reduce traffic jam and air pollution even in the smallest way, I will be happy.   

sRide is way convenient and pocket-friendly than most other means of transport. I live in the outskirts of Hyderabad where there is less or no availability of transport. When I moved here, I faced a lot of difficulties. I don’t want others or anyone new to the city to undergo similar challenges — I am there to offer them rides. It is my way of helping more and more people and along the way, I am also earning money. While many may think it is unsafe to ride with strangers, I feel safe riding or offering rides to others. 
— Shabistan Negar,  IT professional, Hyderabad  

For the past 6-7 months, I have been using sRide and offering rides to users while dropping off my wife to work. I learnt about the app through a Facebook ad and later, even my friends and colleagues recommended it. While the app is a great tool to cut down vehicular traffic and reduce fuel expenses, I do feel it needs to be updated with a few features to make the riding experience more smooth and convenient. For example, the app can have a feature that shows commuters with some common points in your profile so that you ride with like-minded people. Similarly, vehicle tracking feature that shows the exact location of the vehicle and ride will be of great help.  

For the convenience of users, the app must have a bigger display picture of users and riders. It will be easier for one to recognise those requesting or offering a ride and will ensure more safety. The developers of the app should work towards making it more user-friendly. Another aspect that needs to be given attention to is perfect pinpoint GPS pick up and drop locations.   
— Devdeep Chowdhury, businessman, Kolkata

I have been an sRide user for almost a year now and I find it convenient and safe. A colleague of mine recommended this and since then it has become my mode of transport for both work and other travels. The app has made life comfortable because you don’t have to deal with Uber and OLA drivers and shell out a lot of money. Also, since the people who offer rides are people who are regular people with families, commuting to work and home, the app is more safe. It is actually better than public transport or chartered buses. My house is very far away from my workplace and it was difficult to commute but with sRide I am able to move around in an eco-friendly and a pocket-friendly way. I have also managed to make a few friends along the way, who often adjust their timings as per my schedule so that it becomes easier for us to travel.  
—Sudarsana Banerjee,  project coordinator, Kolkata  

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