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Anjali Jhangiani
Thursday, 13 July 2017

Says Indeep Bakshi as he takes his bus tour across multiple cities in India to promote his new track

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. But that was a saying in the bygone era. In today’s world, a man and his woman walk hand in hand, rub shoulders and work like a team to run and maintain their home. While the world makes an effort towards women empowerment, Indeep Bakshi also does his part.

Released on July 13, Badshah te Queen is Indeep’s latest track.

“Almost every Punjabi singer has sung a song about how he is the king, how he is the badshah, how he owns the world and such. Then you will hear them sing about girls, parties and alcohol too. But how often have you heard a Punjabi singer singing a song about his queen, partner in crime, and team mate for life?” questions Indeep.

For all the queens
As your mind tries to recall every Punjabi song you know and fast forward through the lyrics to see if Indeep is indeed correct, you realise that songs that speak respectfully about women and do not objectify them, do exist, but in shamefully low numbers. But Indeep knows that if he wants the change, he’s got to be the change. Talking about the women in his life, he says, “The queen, or ‘kaur’ in Punjabi, plays a vital role in the life of a king. I know for a fact that without my queen, I am nothing.”

He adds that the track is an out-an-out fun Punjabi party track with dhol, tabla and the works.

Patience makes perfect
The lyrics to the track were written by Raftaar, who dedicated a special song with the theme of women empowerment on Women’s Day earlier in 2012 and it took five years to turn the words into a song. “When the time is right, it’s right. I believe there is a time for everything. Even Saturday Saturday was a song that was included in my album Billionaire, which was released in 2013, but it was not until the movie Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya came out the following year that the song was introduced to a wider audience and became a phenomenal hit. Though Raftaar wrote the lyrics five years ago, I feel like now is the right time to make it into a song and release it. We work through the week and round the clock, so there isn’t a day that goes by when we haven’t come up with a track, or an idea for it, but to refine it and make it,” says Indeep.

Turban is back
Another thing to notice about this track is Indeep’s look. The turban is back, and with pride he says, “When Saturday Saturday came out, many people got in touch with me to convey their feelings about me wearing a turban in that song. Since I am seen partying in that song, opening bottles of champagne and vodka, and some of it was falling on the turban I was wearing, some people thought I shouldn’t be wearing it. Upon reflection, I saw their point and decided not to wear my turban in such songs,” says Indeep.

After retiring his turban for a while now, he brings it back with this video because the song is not only dedicated to all the queens of the world but also his turban. He says, “My turban is my pride. After I retired it for commercial songs where people might get offended, they thought I have given up on the turban after getting fame. But the only reason I did not wear my turban in the music videos is because I saw their point, that it was disrespectful. Now I am not trying to make a point or statement by wearing my turban, I am just wearing it for myself.”

Roadtrip on a bus
The artist loves getting to know his fans. This is why he has organised a bus tour across multiple cities in India to promote his new track. “This is the first time I am going on a trip like this. I feel like we expect to be treated like our counterparts in the West, so why not promote our music like they do too? We are going to go to cities like Ludhiana, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai and Pune among others, and stop by at malls, pubs, lounges and other places to perform for my fans,” says Indeep.

With buses plastered with posters of the artists and his songs, he’s all set to embark on a journey of a lifetime along with his team. “Everyone from my band, the management team and crew will be on the buses. We are going to make a short film about it also, so we will be shooting on the trip. I’m really excited and I hope it’s going to be a fantastic adventure of sorts,” he adds.

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Indeep Bakshi’s tour bus will be in Pune on July 14

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