Learn rhymes in a new way

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 17 July 2018

KinToons Nursery Rhyme DJ, an interactive educational app-based game  aims to redefine a child’s exposure to nursery rhymes

Poetry forms an important part of our childhood. Our first brush with singing in tune is when we start reciting rhymes. So here is an interesting way for kids to learn poems and nursery rhymes. Kinsane Entertainment Inc., a global digital entertainment and education company, focussed on 2-11-year-old kids, has introduced KinToons - Nursery Rhyme DJ to make learning rhymes more fun and interactive.

The idea behind the game/app comes from the fact that nursery rhymes are taught to a child as part of the curriculum at pre-school or at home through various audio or video platforms. But all of this is one-way communication. In KinToons - Nursery Rhyme DJ, a child gets to be a DJ or the parent can be a DJ to their child! 

The game has four lovable characters from the show KinToons with their unique personalities. The player has absolute freedom to choose a character, a rhyme, and a background, and create the DJ mix that s/he wants to see, listen and play with. The game has delightful interactive backgrounds where, on a child’s touch on the screen, frogs jump and owls fly. This pleases a child’s visual, auditory and somatic senses. The aim is to make the child more active and create spurs of intense joy. 

The game is developed to help a child build skills such as cognition and comprehension. Some of the key features of the game include: 

The game creates an opportunity for kids to learn nursery rhymes in a fun way while interacting with the four lovable characters of the show KinToons.

Each character can sing a nursery rhyme in their unique voice and there are three rhymes to choose from — Open shut them, If you are happy and you know it and, Row, row, row your boat.

A rhyme is split into multiple bits that can be played one after the other, in any character’s voice.

Tap on any character’s icon to start the queuing of nursery rhyme bits. The bit number is shown on the character’s icon for reference.

You can tap and add up to three bits for each character, one after the other, and therefore 12 bits in total. Once you are done, hit play. Small musical notes start flying in the air.

By default, an instrumental track for a nursery rhyme loops in the background until the rhyme starts playing. When the (vocal) nursery rhyme stops, the instrumental track starts playing again.

Switch between characters on the fly and see them dance and sing!

Change background to load a different nursery rhyme. 

Drag the sun or make the rabbit jump out of its hole. Each background has some unique objects or creatures to play with. Tap on them to see their magic. 

Keep playing with other objects and fill up the happiness bar. Watch the characters bounce with joy when the happiness bar is full.

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