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Monday, 3 September 2018

On the eve of Teachers’ Day, these famous TV actors talk about the subjects they would love to teach if given a chance

Hina Khan:  

If given a chance to be a teacher, I would love to teach Biology.  I used to loved reading about the human body when I used to study it back in school. How every organ in human body functions has always fascinated me. That is also why I am a fitness freak. I believe in healthy living and that according to me can only happen when you know what is inside  your body and how each part functions. So that knowledge I would love to impart to others as well.

Shantanu Maheshwari:

 If given a chance to be a teacher, I would love to teach Accounts. Back in school and college I was pretty good at it, and understood all the concepts quite well. Though there are a lot of people who face quite a few difficulties with its concepts and numbers while understanding the subject, as it can be tricky at times but is a very important subject and of good use for one and all. It would also be fun to study and learn the subject all over again! 

Debina Bonnerjee:  

If given a chance to impart knowledge about a particular subject, it would be Civics. I would love to teach civic sense to people. The road, city, country and world is ours, so to please take care of it like you take care of our home. This is where we live. To drive carefully as the roads are not to be messed with, to not park vehicles anywhere, to not break traffic rules and specially care and look out for stray animals while driving. These things really need to be taught to a majority of our public living in the country, and I would love to do the same!

Sourabh Raaj Jain:  

I would love to teach  Psychology. That is one subject which even now helps me in my day -to-day life. I wasn’t a medical student, but Psychology was my extra subject in Std XII. No other subject holds any relevance in my life. I still hold the lessons in Psychology very dear to me, and would love to pass it on to others.

Vivek Dahiya:   

I would want to teach Philosophy because it’s the one subject that is optional but extremely important.  It’s imperative to learn how to think, reason, and reflect.  I had very limited exposure to the subject until quite late in my life.  I feel that had I learnt some of these things at a younger age, I would have questioned a lot of things that were a norm back then.

Mishal Raheja:  

I would love to teach Moral Education. I think we need to teach children a lot of moral education. Only the Mahabharata and Ramayana is not enough. We need moral education to be taught without influence of war and violence.

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