A laugh riot

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Stars of Sarva Line Vyasta Aahet talk about their experience of shooting for the film

Sarva Line Vyasta Aahet, an upcoming romcom is about a shy and timid boy trying to find love with the help of a few people. The Marathi movie stars Siddharth Jadhav and Saurabh Gokhale, who are basking in the success of Rohit Shetty movie Simmba. Joining them are Neetha Shetty, Sanskruti Balgude, Hemangi Kavi, Smita Shewale and Rani Agarwal. The film is directed by Pradip Mestry and is set to hit the cinemas on February 1. 

During their recent visit to the Sakal Times office, the stars spoke about their roles and the fun they had while shooting for the movie. 

Siddharth’s name is synonymous with comedy in Maharashtra. Says the popular actor, “I have always loved doing these roles where there is pure comedy and entertainment for the audience. These roles are fun to do and don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments.” 

Being the most experienced comedy actor among the lot, did he feel the pressure of holding the movie on his shoulders, we ask. “No way,” says Siddharth, “Even though this is Saurabh’s first comdey movie, he was very comfortable and so were the others. Many a times, we improvised on our acting skills while shooting. And most importantly, we stuck to the genre, which is possible only when you are good at your craft. The genre really does not matter then.” 

Siddharth adds that what he liked about the script is that it is not pretentious and is a family entertainer. Siddharth plays the role of Saurabh’s friend in the movie. “I had never really interacted with Saurabh before this film; we had just casually met for a cricket tournament. But when we came together for this project, I found a friend in him because of which I also enjoyed spending time with him later when we were shooting for Simmba.”

Talking about the changing nature of comdey, Siddharth says, “Comedy has been changing — from the days of Dada Kondke to Ashok Saraf, to now, every era has had a different flavour of comedy. Sometimes, there was a thriller angle to it, at other times, hidden issues or layers. Comedy as a genre has branched out, which I find is very interesting.” 

He points out that the pattern of the Marathi audience is also changing which in turn is affecting the genre. 

This is the first time, Saurabh will be seen in a comedy role but he loved it. “I love challenges which is why I chose to hop on board, considering my personality and my previous roles, I don’t get such roles,” he says. 

As an actor, he is open to playing varied roles because he does not want to be stuck with familiar characters for a long time, he says. “I started working in the year 2010, and since then I have played different characters and that is how I would like it to be even in future years,” he adds.

As for comedy, Saurabh says, “I used to think if I ever have to do comedy, I would be comfortable with Siddharth because of the way he carries off his roles in this genre. This film  was a learning experience for sure.”

Neetha, who is known for her role in Fugay (2016), says that she considers herself lucky to have landed a role in this movie alongside talented actors. “I have worked in Hindi serials and webseries and have also starred in two Marathi movies, so coming back to a Marathi comedy movie was not very difficult for me,” she says. She further adds that one thing that really matters to her in any project that she takes up is the character, irrespective of the medium. 

Sanskruti mentions that since she did not really relate to the character that she plays in the movie, she had a challenging yet fun experience while shooting. And Smita says that even though the movie is a multistarrer, the characters were created keeping in mind the fact that no one character should overpower the other. “The story is in line with the characters and does full justice to each one of them. Most importantly, it keeps the audience engaged throughout which is crucial for a romcom.”

This is a first Marathi movie for Rani. Says the actress, “But I never felt left out and in fact, my costars took efforts to help me.” 

She says that she is a person who loves to binge watch certain series or movies when the content is full of entertainment. “Which is exactly what I noticed in the script and decided to take it up,” she adds.

Hemangi, another experienced actor among the lot, says that the role she plays is quite opposite to her real persona and she likes to look at a character as if it is the first and the last time that she is playing it. “Being loud and aggressive is okay when it comes to serials, because the character stays in it for a longer time but when it comes to a movie, one has to be a bit restrained and yet impactful. And most importantly, one has to enjoy and have fun while playing the said role,” she concludes.

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