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Sakal Times
Sunday, 17 March 2019

Urvashi Vats, expert at Momspresso, a user-generated, content-sharing platform for women, shares a few ideas on how to create eco-friendly colours at home

Playing with colours is what makes Holi a unique festival. But the colours available in the market nowadays have chemicals which are very harmful to the skin often leading to allergies and rashes. To avoid this, playing with natural colours is recommended. 

Also, before playing with colours, you need to prep your skin.  On the festival day, apply some oil on your skin in the morning and try to avoid using chemicals on your face. But if unfortunately the colours get on your face, then don’t rub the skin, and don’t use a face wash or a detergent soap. Instead, wash your face with water using your hands and after that apply ubtan. To protect your hair from the harmful effects of colours, apply oil on the scalp and keep your head covered at all times when playing Holi, and always wear full sleeve clothing as it protects the skin. 

How to make natural colours
Green: To make green colour, use mehendi. To make a dry green colour, mix cornflour with mehendi. Always remember that gooseberry should not be in mehendi. If you want to make this colour dark, then mix it with water. If the colour gets into the hair, it will not spoil it. 

Yellow: Turmeric and gram flour will give a natural yellow colour. The colour proportion in which you should mix gram flour and turmeric is 2: 1 It means  2 tablespoons of gram flour should be mixed with one tablespoon of turmeric. It can also be used as ubtan at home as it makes your skin glow. Instead of gram flour, you can also use talcum powder.

Red: For red, use red chandan powder. To make gulal more fragrant and red, add the powder of dry hibiscus flowers to chandan powder. To make wet red colour, take two spoons of red chandan powder, one-litre of water and boil it.

Pink: Beetroot can be used to make pink. Take one beetroot, cut it into slices and put it in a blender and soak it in one litre of water for one night. In the morning, boil this water and make it thick. Then mix it with water and play Holi.

Blue: Take beans of nil (blue)-like plants, grind and boil them in water. Also, you can crush  dry blue hibiscus flowers to prepare a blue colour.

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