Just knot up

Riya Daga
Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Macrame rope art is picking up in the city

Do you like decking up your home with ‘handy’ craft? But, you are not confident of crafting something on your own? In that case, macrame can come to your rescue. All it requires is dexterous fingers. If you go wrong, all you need to do is to undo the knot! 

Pooja Vora, who conducted a macrame workshop in the city last week, says, “Macrame is an art form in which we make an art piece or textile piece using ropes. You just keep knotting to make your art piece. No matter what you make out of it, macrame can add a great texture to a wall or corner of your home.”

Knotting the rope is the exact opposite of knitting or weaving. Beginners can try their hand at basic knots like square knot, half knot, lark head knot, overhead knot, hitch knot, single half hitch knot, double half hitch knot etc. 

“To learn the knots, you can first work on any thick rope made of natural fibre like cotton or jute. A proper macrame rope can be bought online or from any hardware store,” says Vora, who taught the participants to make bottle hangers and plant hangers from macrame rope.  Two types of bottle hangers — one for wine and another for beer bottle — were taught. They also learnt how to make plant hangers.  

“With this knowhow you can learn to make other art pieces like wall hanging, belts, keychains and friendship bands. The ropes are available in a variety of colours,” she adds.

As compared to Mumbai, where macrame art has caught up, Puneites are a little behind in learning it. But workshops such as these can help the participants in learning something new.

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