Jig along

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 7 August 2018

A chat with Subhash Dhang, who founded Youth Talent Association, a platform for people who wanted to make a career in dance. The academy recently completed 20 years

Some people are born with the ability to move in rhythm. All that they need is the right chance and guidance. 

Subhash Dhang, who had his big break when he participated in dance reality show Boogie Woogie, knew that dance is something he can never get out of his system. “My journey with dance has literally been a roller coaster ride and every turn and movement has just been amazing,” says Dhang, who founded Youth Talent Association (YTA). It recently completed 20 years of existence. 

YTA was conceived by Dhang back in the year 1998, because he realised that people wanted to learn how to dance the right way with accurate dance techniques, but there were few classes where they could learn. Today, YTA has been one of the fastest growing dance companies in growing cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. 

Dhang believes that skills are what makes a dancer or a performer stand out and that’s exactly what they extensively teach at YTA. “There are new techniques that come up every now and then and for individuals to outshine their own selves, they need to keep up with the fast changing elements of dance. You never stop learning in dance,” he adds.

Dhang says that at YTA, they train their students to not only be dancers but also performers. The students are taught various dance styles from Indian folk to international moves like hip hop, belly dance, salsa and contemporary, zumba, garba, Kathak and Bollywood. He points out that the students have been actively involved in staging, performing and organising shows across India and even at international level. 

Talking about the concept of YTA, Dhang says that he wanted to create space which catered not only to people who wanted to learn dance, but also to individuals and organisations who would need their assistance and appearances for cultural events and shows. 

The YTA dance academy has a wide range of dance styles learning programmes, which can be enrolled for, by one and all. What’s more, people can turn it into a monetary source in the near future. “I have always believed that dance is for all and it has a lot of potential to grow as a career branch, especially because there is awareness for it now,” says Dhang, adding “It is a passion and talent driven industry.”

He points out that since there was a hike in the number of dance reality shows in India, which boosted the confidence of even the smallest artist in India, and opened new avenues for the participants. “Students now want to join dance academies to better themselves and be on television and grab the opportunity that they get there. Their parents too are becoming more and more supportive of their decisions,” says Dhang. 

He points out that even if the participants do not win these reality shows, they have the confidence to get into the choreography and join different troupes to perform with, primarily doing something they always loved doing. 

That is also the reason why Dhang emphasises on making the students at YTA technically aware, so no matter where they go, through dance, they can keep going ahead in the industry and put Indian artists and dance forms at par with the international ones. “We need to share, grow and move and keep upgrading our dance styles,” he concludes. 

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