I sing every song like it’s my first and last one: Aaman Trikha

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 24 August 2017

Singer Aaman Trikha talks about lending his voice to Shah Rukh Khan and the significance of the singer-composer harmony among other things

It was a ‘dream come true’ moment for Aaman Trikha when he lent his voice to Shah Rukh Khan for Jab Harry Met Sejal’s Butterfly song.

Though the film failed at the box-office, the music is a chartbuster. The singer says that his father was not only happy but also very proud of him for the achievement. “Although he is proud of every song that I have sung so far, this one is special. It was a big deal for us,” says Aaman. The singer says that he has a strong connection with King Khan as both of them belong to Delhi. “My dad has studied from Jamia Millia Islamia University and so has Shah Rukh sahab. My dad always wanted me to sing for SRK. Personally, I am a big fan of his acting.”

The singer is not only impressed with the actor’s acting skills but humble attitude too. He says, “When people taste success, they develop an attitude problem but SRK is generous and still full of values. He respects people no matter who they are.” While this was Aaman’s first time, lending his voice for SRK in a movie, he has done it before for a stage performance.

Speaking of music director Pritam, he says, “I have learnt a lot from him and SRK because they put in a lot of passion and dedication into their work. SRK has achieved so much in life despite having no connections in the industry. This reflects his patience and perseverance.” The singer says that the industry is competitive but if one has talent no one can stop them. “Just have faith in yourself and approach each project just the way you are expected to approach it. You have to enjoy the journey,” he says.

Aaman believes that when one gets to the goal effortlessly, the journey becomes easy but when things are against you, you have to rise against the tide. “You have to believe that you are made of steel and fight back. Our entire life is all about bouncing back because we will find all kinds of people, some who will support us and some who won’t,” says the singer known for songs like Jaaneman Aah, Prem Leela, Aashiq Mizaaj, and Hookah Bar among others. “At the end of the day, we have to keep ourselves excited with our work. I sing every song like it’s my first and last one, irrespective of which actor I am singing for. I know that I have to make a mark and justify the song,” he adds.

The singer has sung for various actors including Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Varun Dhawan and others. Does he follow the mannerisms of an actor to get into the skin of the character better? “It’s always an advantage if we know in advance the actor we are singing for, so that we can think about the actor’s mannerisms and attitude while singing. Each actor is different in every film. Like Ajay Devgn is different in Singham and Golmaal. Usually the composer and director share their inputs and I then approach it accordingly. For instance, in Jaaneman Aah, I had to make the song youthful and add a few nuances to match Varun’s character,” he says.

Aaman says that the singer and composer need to be on the same page while recording a song. “Every composer has his/her own style of composing. For each song, you first try with the arrangements and then record. A composer will always tell you what he/she want. If there is a difference of opinion then the song suffers,” he says, adding, “As a singer, I always surrender myself to the composer. ‘How do you want the song’, I always ask and follow the vision.”

“I love it when I play with my voice because I want to be a versatile singer. I am blessed to be able to sing in different genres and languages,” says the singer who was praised for his song Go Go Govinda and believes that the sound of Bollywood changes every six months. “So it’s important to keep ourselves updated. Singers are usually judged on the number of hits they give and not the quality of singing. I have reinvented myself to survive,” says Aaman who is currently working on a single titled Ishka.

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