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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Riz Sunny, founder My Bollywood Body, a popular online fitness platform based in Canada, shares some fun ways in which you can move your body

Today, a plethora of non-communicable, lifestyle-oriented diseases have the majority of our country’s population in their vicious grip. The root cause of most of these diseases can be traced back to a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and mental as well as physical stress, which then leads to adoption of bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking. 

Imagine this: A person follows an absolutely inactive lifestyle where physical activity is almost negligible, eats junk food and also leads a stressful life. Needless to say, he will suffer from diseases. Now, if this person wants to break away from the unhealthy lull which suffocates his life, what is the first step he would need to take towards fitness? 

The answer is simple: First he has to convince himself and train his mind to break away from the comfort zone. 

Train your mind
Fitness is not just about having the perfect BMI, but also the mental strength to maintain a healthy body by adhering to a good lifestyle. This mind to muscle connection is the crux behind the secret to achieving wellness and good health. 

First, you have to convince your mind to move your body out of bed at an appropriate time. Then move your body to start a healthy morning routine. Follow this for two weeks, and you would have cultivated a habit which will be a lifetime boon.

Similarly, start taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators, or take a 5-10 minutes’ walk after sitting for one hour straight. Consciously, make these decisions even if the comfort zone in your mind tries to entice you away from the acts of physical labour. Slowly, but surely, your mind will be trained to accept these habits until they become a part of your routine. 

Set a goal
Convincing the mind requires motivation to reach a particular goal. Whether the goal is to lose weight, to be physically fit, to be mentally fit, to have a toned body, or anything else, it is essential to set a personal challenge — the success of which can be easily measured. This will help you keep up the motivation level when you see that your concentrated efforts are yielding results. Also, this is when you will start to enjoy the journey towards fitness. Tough challenges require high self-discipline and determination to achieve the goals. 

Do everyday chores
Don’t be sedentary, lazy and laidback. It’s important to stay fit, active and work out regularly. For this, one doesn’t necessarily have to rely on gym memberships, or hire personal trainers, or get online fitness coaches. Save you money, and adopt fun-filled ways to make your body move. 

In fact, as a personal recommendation, if one starts doing all the necessary everyday chores which require physical labour, even if in the form of walking, it would facilitate the shift towards a more healthy and active lifestyle. It would be because every chore you do, would have a desire and an ambition behind it, which will make getting fit more fun. 

Turn on the music
Music is a great way to keep up your enthusiasm levels while working out. Tuning into your favourite songs while exercising helps your brain focus on the activity and also keeps you entertained. Music brings soul to the workout regime; it definitely makes the activity more enjoyable. The beats create a dopamine effect in your brain which helps you zone into the exercise with greater vigour and excitement. 

Take up what you enjoy 
No matter which exercise regime you pick, whether it’s Zumba, cycling, kickboxing, cross-fit, aerobics etc it should feel good and positive. Observe the way your body and mind react to a particular workout. If your body craves weight-lifting, then lift weight. If you feel like running, step into your trainers and go for a run. If you feel like dancing, then turn on the music and dance, until the pent up energy gets exhausted. Indulge in healthy cravings for your body when it comes to workouts.

Devote 60 min 
Devote at least one hour of your day to your health. Actively consider that you only have 23 hours in a day and the 24th hour is saved for exercise. For people who are overweight, they should start with basic body weight exercises which can be easily done at home. Set realistic goals for yourself, so that little achievements help you keep up your motivational level. 

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