'I enjoy being in front of the camera'

Debarati Palit Singh
Friday, 27 April 2018

Actress Sheeba whose play Golmaal will premiere on Sunday (April 29) at Rangsharda Auditorium, Mumbai, talks about collaborating with her husband Akashdeep as an actor for the first time and why she doesn't find it easy to work with people she knows

Actress Sheeba and her producer-director husband Akashdeep will play a reel-life couple in a comedy play titled Golmaal. The play will premiere on Sunday (April 29) in Mumbai. 
Directed by Lakhbir Lehri and Lucky Hans, it also stars Vindu Dara Singh, Rajesh Puri, Payal Goga Kapoor, Deepshikha Nagpal, Lucky Hans and Sarthak Joshi. 

Sheeba, who was last seen in the TV series Haasil, says, “Golmaal is an out-and-out comedy and there’s masti and lots of laughs and gags. In the entire play, mine is probably the only sane voice going around but it’s all fun.”  

Though Sheeba has worked with her husband as a producer, this is the first time she is working with him as a co-actor. Is it tough for her to maintain a balance between personal and professional relations? Says the actor, “That’s pretty easy because all my life, I have only acted, and in acting, it’s easy to isolate your reel persona from your real one. So, our personal equation didn’t come between us even for a second while acting, he was just another actor.” 

Yet, the process of working on a project may become easy if it’s with someone you know. “Not at all,” says Sheeba, adding, “in that case, you are so much more wary of saying something which the other person might interpret differently. An ego tussle might come into the equation, so I find it easier to work with people I don’t know at all.”  

And did she share any tips with Akashdeep on acting? “Not really. Sometimes when I thought he needed to add or tone down and vice versa, we shared inputs with each other. When I am doing a play or any acting assignment and somebody is doing something that will take the scene away from me, I will still give it to them because I look at the performance in its entirety, not just as my scene or role,” she says. “I want everything to be fun. I will give suggestions to everyone and take suggestions from others, based on how it will help me give a better performance.” 

Coming to stage, Sheeba says working in a play is really hard because as an actor, you are on your toes for two hours. “Secondly, you need to know your line perfectly because if you miss your line or get even a line wrong, the entire scene fails. It keeps your reflexes very sharp and hones your skills as an actor. You also get to experiment a lot or you start to understand live reactions. You do not have a trailer, so you do not know how the audience will react. All the reactions you get are spontaneous,” she adds.

She says while choosing a play, she is more focused on the group she is working with. “I should be extremely confident and comfortable about my producer. The play should interest and excite me, only then will it interest the audience,” she quips. 

Sheeba is one of few actors who has worked in films, TV and theatre. When it comes to choosing her favourite medium, she says, “I enjoy being in front of the camera because I get to do retakes, get to see where I am going right or wrong and see how I look. Films are my favourite because the space is slow, then theatre because it’s spontaneous and then television because it’s very hectic.” 

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Catch Golmaal tomorrow at Rangsharda 
Auditorium, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai from 7.30 pm onwards 

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