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Anjali Jhangiani
Sunday, 30 September 2018

Bryan Adams, who will soon embark on his India tour, tells us what makes him come back again and again, the surprises he has in store for his fans and how he is taking forward his charitable initiative 

About a year ago, Bryan Adams dropped a hint on Instagram about coming to India for a concert tour. But the post was deleted within a few hours, and his fans here  shrugged off their momentary excitement and got on with their lives. 

Now, their excitement knows no bounds as the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter will be travelling across India on a five-city tour performing his greatest hits along with a few brand new tracks. Kicking off in Ahmedabad on October 9, The Ultimate Tour will travel to Hyderabad on October 11, Mumbai on October 12, Bengaluru on October 13 and wrap up in New Delhi on October 14. 

This isn’t his first visit to India. Bryan toured the country in 2011 and will return to enthrall his fans again. Ask him what keeps bringing him back, and he humbly says, “I’m grateful to the promoters who are bringing us. We have a great show in store, our best work. We spent months preparing this tour, it’s a long way from our first tour of India where the light switches were large levers beside the stage. And I’m always humbled by the reactions we get from the audience. This will be our fifth tour of India,” he adds. 

Whether he considers Summer of ’69 his greatest work or not, those who aren’t aware of his other work recognise this track and have many memories attached to it. Be it a farewell or a reunion, the party is incomplete without playing this track and having everyone sing along. Talking about his feelings associated with this song, he says, “69 is a metaphor for a song rich in regret and the feelings of losing innocence. At some point, we all have to deal with the broken promise of youth and what that means, 69 addresses those feelings. Originally, it was going to be called ‘The Best Days of My Life’ but the alliteration and double entendre of the words ‘summer of 69’ seemed to sum up the song better.”

Apart from listening to the man himself sing the iconic track live, fans could just be in for a surprise. He performed the track with Taylor Swift in Toronto earlier this August. Who’s to say he won’t be joined by another artist on stage for another awesome duet this time? So we just asked him who he would like to perform with on stage and he gave us a list — “Drake, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Taylor Swift”. Clearly indicating the blast he had jamming with the Reputation hitmaker who put up so many videos on her social media to fuel fan frenzy. 
The artist earned success, fame and stardom at a time when cameras required film and everyone didn’t own a cellphone, let alone the social-media-selfie culture. But in today’s world, isn’t getting on social media vital if you’re an artist trying to stay relevant? Bryan disagrees. “I don’t get too bothered by all the changes. I try to keep my focus on the music and the art of it. I don’t care about the internet, someone should unplug it,” he says. 

Music apart, he is also passionate about photography. With a honorary fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society, the singer has published works in fashion magazines like British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, British GO, and more. Will he be taking time out from rehearsals while he is in India and go clicking a few snaps? “Maybe. I love people and places,” he says. 

The artist set up The Bryan Adams Foundation after tsunami struck southern Asia in 2006 upon his belief that education is the best gift that a child can be given. “From my perspective, I didn’t finish school because I wanted to be a musician instead. That’s not to say there aren’t many people out there who would love the chance to have a better education, and I try to do things that help people — that is the motto of my foundation. Supporting the wounded, and making sure that they’re not forgotten, became the most recent focus for my foundation. And lending my name to it raised awareness and, ultimately, a lot of money. It may not be possible to ever change the world, but you may be able to make it a little better for someone,” says the artist who has been listening to a lot of Chris Martin (Coldplay) lately. 

He reveals that he has an album coming up next year before he signs off.

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Bryan Adam's The Ultimate Tour will be held at Sardar Patel Stadium (Ahmedabad) on Oct 9,  Hitex City (Hyderabad) on Oct 11, Jio Gardens (Mumbai) on Oct 12, Ozone Urbana (Bengaluru) on Oct 13 and Leisure Valley Open Ground (New Delhi) on Oct 14. 

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