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Amrita Prasad
Monday, 16 July 2018

While the one behind the wheels focuses on the road, you can sit back and enjoy videos, films and even play games with Portronics’ Magno-R — a magnetic car phone holder meant for rear seat passengers

What do you do you are in the backseat of your car headed for a long ride? Watch those funny videos on YouTube on your smartphone/ tablet. But holding the device for long hours can get tiresome. 

If you are looking for a device that can help you travel hands-free while you enjoy looking at your screens, Magno-R can come to your rescue. 

Magno-R, a product of Portronics — a prominent leader in portable digital products, is a magnetic car phone holder that keeps your mobile phones / tabs in place while you sit back and enjoy your favourite movies on your device. A simple looking, yet an elegant device, the magnetic mobile holder is specifically designed and developed for rear seat passengers, who wish to keep their hands free while using the device.

So when the product arrived, we couldn’t help but unbox it and tried it out on our car (Honda Brio). And although we extensively used it in our new car, occasionally, we also tested it on our old car (Santro Xing), just to understand if it can fit and is meant for all car models. 

Now you must be wondering how does this device work. But let us tell you using the tool is simple —  all you have to do is attach it to the headrest steel bars of the car’s front seat, facing the rear passenger. It has a 3M sticker metallic coin-shaped patch which can be attached to the rear of the device without worrying about spoiling the body of your device. You can stick it to the mobile cover as well by simply attaching Magno-R to the headrest and tightening it afterwards. You can now stick your phone, tablet and iPad to the magnets. 

It is also easy to remove your phone off the device by simply pulling it out. 

If you worry about the scratches, let us assure you that the part that attaches the device to the headrest is made of scratch-less silicon mat to prevent any scratches to the rod of your car seat. 

What’s more, the Magno-R comes with a hook that also holds your shopping or office bag with ease so that the contents in the bag remains safe even on bumpy or steep roads. This ensures that the content of the bag never spills out so that the car interiors are not soiled. It can withstand heavy loads and can also carry handbags, coats, groceries, water bottles, and many more items. Useful isn’t it? 

The body of Magno-R is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic which offers a good resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals, hence it is durable.  

The strong magnet in the device can be rotated up to 360 degrees  thus allowing you to use it in both portrait as well as landscape modes. 

Magno-R comes in black colour and at a pocket friendly price of Rs 599. You can buy it online (portronics.com) and from offline stores as well. 

We found the device useful and value for money. However, if you rarely sit in the rear seat, the product isn’t going to be a great buy for you.

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