The highs and lows

Alisha Shinde
Monday, 12 March 2018

Muskaan Bisaria, an 18-year-old art addict, talks about her journey and inspiration behind writing her first book Kalopsia

Kalopsia by Muskaan Bisaria is a collection of poems about heartbreaks and second chances. Talking about her inspiration behind her book, she says, “Kalopsia means the delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are.”  

The 18-year-old art addict has now become a young author to pen down her heartfelt emotions that she experienced. Also an aspiring model, Bisaria says, “Illuminating the beauty behind madness has always been a constant theme across my art, be it painting or writing.” But when the canvas fails to allow her to express herself, she believes the pen and paper come to her rescue. 

Talking about her book, she says that mixed emotions and derailed thoughts are what makes a human. So her book Kalopsia is a walk down nostalgic alleys and memory lanes, where a few lovers meet and some others are not so lucky. A few of her poems also talk about people who depart early from this planet and leave their loved ones distraught and heartbroken. She says that through her book you can bid your loved ones final goodbyes and farewells, and also look back at times when friends came to your help to overcome a difficult moment.  

Bisaria says that after completing her junior college she took a gap year just to travel and figure out what she really wanted to do in life both in terms of career and as a life goal. She says that her book is all about what she went through spending 18 years on this planet. “I lost my brother in an accident at an early age,” she says mentioning that she wrote a poem in his memory and the loss and pain she experienced.

She mentions that her true inspiration is her grandfather who used to pen down his thoughts regularly. Looking at him while growing up, she always aspired to write and publish her book some day. “I have always written two liner poems ever since I was in school,” she says, but the gap year that she took really polished her thoughts and notions while penning them down. She says that the poems, which are included in the book, were written and collected by her over a span of two years.

“For me, writing has now become an outlet,” she says. She believes that all the negativity that she stored within her because of the judgmental snarls that were hurdled at her for the choices she made are now being let out through her soulful writing. Bisaria says that she cared for too long about what people thought about her and the way she presented herself to the world but soon realised that she would be content only if she did things that truly made her happy.

“The best way of letting your feelings flow out and rebooting your brain is by writing regularly,” she says, adding that she has the habit of maintaining a journal daily. “If you do not like writing, at least type it out,” she urges. She believes that every individual must pen all their emotions down, so at the end of the day they find peace within themselves. 

Talking about her love for reading, specifically books, she says, “No matter what kind of technology comes up next, my heart will always lie in books.” She believes that a book holds feelings and emotions that the author has put into it while writing which one cannot connect with while reading on a tab. “I love the way the pages of a book smell, and if you are rereading a book it is sure to have a scent of the memories,” she says, adding, “Kalopsia is a part of my heart and soul, which I am ready to share with the world now.” 

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