High on music

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A new application brings together students and music teachers thus making the learning process easy and hassle free

Furtados, which has been in the field of music for over a century now, has kept pace with the digital world and launched an app to help you learn instrument/s, and compose a few happy tunes. “Music makes up our lives. There is music and rhythm all around us at all times,” says Pallavi Modak, business head, Furtados. Talking about the music learning application called HIGH Furtados, Modak says, that it’s an opportunity to bring together students and music teachers. “These days parents don’t have the time to take their children to music classes because there is a lot of travel involved or the timings don’t match. HIGH Furtados has been launched so that you don’t have to give up music,” she says. 

When asked how different is the app from other online tools that teach music, Modak says that the interface is extremely user friendly thus ensuring that the user experience is hassle free. 

“There are sites like YouTube from where you can learn music. But all you learn are the tunes and not the technicality of playing the specific music instrument. HIGH offers something for everyone. Students can find teachers and teachers can find classes they would like to teach. HIGH has a list of trained and verified teachers who are best at the instrument that they play. You can request for a trial session with a chosen teacher, purchase a learning plan and schedule your lessons. All lessons are scheduled and tracked on the app. You can also access the entire curriculum, music backing tracks, supporting videos and a proprietary practise solution — Furtados MusicBuddy — to enhance learning. Music teachers can use the HIGH app to register, connect to potential students as per their teaching preferences, get requests, access curriculum, manage and track their students learning progress and assign homework,” she elaborates.  

The feature HIGH Jam on the app lets the users engage in a fun and an informal performance opportunities. This allows the people learning music to not only learn from others at the same level but also socialise with them.

“You cannot learn music without knowing how they are performing, so the app also enables you to track their overall performance and check how much they have picked up from the classes. The app can take the overall music learning experience to the next level with their in-built features. The app is available free of cost on Play Store and AppStore on android and iOS devices,” adds Modak. 

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