Here are the allstars

Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 28 July 2017

The Coconut Water band, an all star ensemble comprising Sidd Coutto, Ankur Tewari, Clayton Hogermeer and Nathan Thomas, will perform in the city tomorrow

Even if you’ve been listening to only the popular bands in the indie circuit, chances are you’ve heard the members of this band before. While Sidd Coutto is known as the drummer of the band Zero, the front man of Tough on Tobacco, Ankur Tiwari heads the Ghalat Family where Coutto is the drummer, Clayton Hogermeer does all kids of covers and bassist Nathan Thomas just adds to all this awesomeness. 

To make you understand what the band stands for, let me just say that this is the Indian indie music equivalent to the Justice League, or the Avengers, depending on whether you are familiar with the DC or Marvel universe. 

How did they happen to come together? “By pure chance. “It was my birthday and I had some friends over and we jammed together. Next thing we knew, the Nariyal Paani festival people called us because they wanted a novel performance for their audience and thought we fit the bill. We performed there,”” says Sidd. 

He claims that since the three of them -- Ankur, Clayton and Sidd himself are songwriters, they get on the stage together to perform their own songs. ““Basically, people want to see the Coconut Water Band when they want more of a range in a smaller package. The three of us sing in different languages, and have different styles. I have no one particular style, my style depends on what mood I am in that day. Ankur has a laid-back acoustic vibe, and we work together well because I play the drums for his band too. Then there’s Clayton whose style is inspired by Bob Dylan. The great thing is that every one can sing in this band,” says Sidd.

Though there is no concrete plan of making this band a regular on the indie music scene, the members currently use this platform to introduce the audience to their own songs. ““We only get together and put up a show when we are approached to do so. We’re taking this one gig at a time because we all have our own careers and play with different outfits. But it’s fun to do this once in a while, get on stage and jam together, sing your songs,” says Sidd. 

Since the band members are such good friends, they tend to reflect the fun they have playing together in their music too. While Sidd claims that he makes the set list just before the show, he admits that the list is subjected to impromptu changes when they get on stage. ““It’s three different singers singing their material together, so there’s nothing much to be planned in advance. Though we make impromtu decisions on stage, for me, that’s a normal thing to happen during a gig,” says Sidd. He reveals that he will definitely be singing the mayan song, which is about the mayan prophecy of the world coming to an end. ““Another song I will be singing is called Baby. It has a catchy tune and has the word baby a lot throughout the lyrics. There are a lot of babies in the song. It’s going to be a fun and energetic performance,” he ends.

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