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Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Vibhaa Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Chitra Productions, is creating music to empower women across the world and is glad that she is getting support from everywhere.

Most musicians create music to gain commercially but there are some who want to bring some social change through their craft. Vibhaa Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Chitra Productions is creating music that can empower, uplift, entertain, and encourage women and young minds globally. 

Her latest Hindi release Rabba O Rabba has received rave reviews. The song sends out a message that she hopes will inspire women to reach their potential and achieve their dreams. She says that men too have expressed their support towards her music videos. 

Kapoor is focusing on creating motivational music videos on women empowerment and this has in a way become her mission. Though she has spent most of her life in Virginia, she has always remained connected to her roots in India. Excerpts from the interview. 

What motivated you to use your music and lyrics, along with videos, to empower women and motivate them?
I have been blessed with great opportunities and very supportive people in my life, so I’ve experienced first-hand how important confidence and inspiration are, to achieving your dreams. I want to share that sense of empowerment with my sisters in India, in the United States, and around the world. It comes from my heart, the desire to raise my sisters up and let them know that they have great value and can accomplish important things in their lives. It has become a mission for me, and for many of the people I work with, to empower women everywhere.

What have been some of the changes that you have noticed since your music and videos were released?
I’ve received such amazing, positive responses, more than I could have imagined. Everywhere I go, people want to be a part of our mission. Both women and girls ask how they can help, how they can contribute. Even many men have expressed their support and desire to participate. I’m so encouraged by it all. I know that together, we can really make a difference for women around the world.

Can you tell us about your new music project Udaan and your collaboration with American producer Ryan Meadows and DJ Hymn?
Ryan and Hymn are such a big part of our effort to empower women. Working with them is fantastic. Since they don’t speak Hindi, we translate the lyrics into English so they can really understand what we’re doing together when I sing the song in Hindi. It’s important to them. We work in Los Angeles, where we have access to the latest sounds and techniques in music production, and we work in Virginia where I live because my home, my family, and the people in my day-to-day life are such a big part of my personal journey. It’s truly a collaborative effort, and I’m very fortunate to have such talented and dedicated partners in a mission so close to my heart. 
We also have focus groups of young women in India who listen to the music and help us understand what they hear and feel. So we’re really able to make sure we’re doing what we set out to do. I’m very proud of the work we all do together, and I am both humbled and inspired by everyone’s dedication to the mission.  

What are the other projects taken up by Chitra Productions and what was the thought behind launching the production house?
When I started Chitra Productions, I had an idea that it could be a force for good in many ways. That’s something I feel like I am achieving with the many wonderful people I work with, whether it’s producing music, helping women re-enter the workforce, or providing internships to young women and men who can benefit from the experience. I have a degree in journalism and mass media, so we have many commercial projects going on, all the time. Chitra Productions is my vehicle for bringing change in the world, my way to give back when I have been blessed with so much. I am so inspired by everyone I work with, and I like to think I inspire them in return. The team is incredible. Whatever we’re doing, we’re always doing it together as a community.

You shifted base to USA. What changes do you see in terms of the way women are treated in India and the US?
It’s an important time for women everywhere. In many places, women are stepping out and contributing to our communities in new ways. We’re finding our talents and our voices in ways we haven’t before. There are many places in the world where women are still gasping for that sense of self worth, however. I especially hope my music will reach them and motivate them to achieve their goals, to keep working towards that greatness. I know it is in us all.

What role does music play in your life?
I don’t know what I would be without music. It has always been such a big part of my life; it’s always there for me. When I’m having a tough day, music is one of the ways I take care of myself — and when I’m really pumped up, music is one of the mediums that keeps me going. I listen to a lot of upbeat music, songs that really energise and inspire me. This is what I want to create for others, music that really helps them get up, get moving, and empower them. Because I believe they can, they really can.

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