In her shoes

Anjali Jhangiani
Thursday, 3 August 2017

City-based music composers Gaurav and Pratham talk about their recent project, a song that expresses the agony of being a woman in today’s pseudo-modern society

There are people who will blame the girl for the terrible things that happen to her like molestation, sexual harassment and rape. There are many to jump at the opportunity to blame her for her ‘wrong choices’. But there are also people like Gaurav Telang and Pratham Khadke who understand how skewed that ideology is, and how it is important to check one’s own behaviour rather than point fingers and blame others for being provocative in any way.

Gaurav and Pratham are city-based music composers who have come up with a new track titled Realize The Pain, which expresses the anguish felt by women who live with the shackles of society. Gaurav says that in 2012, we heard a lot about the Nirbhaya rape case. It was all over the news and everyone was talking about how gruesome it was. There was awareness. But then the following year, another unfortunate incident took place with another girl in the country, and the year after that too. Rapes happen every day, in every part of the country, and till everyone is on the same page — the fact that the concept of consent is not taken seriously — these heinous acts of crime will keep happening.

“When we come across such things, it disturbs us. We think about how scary it is for a woman to live in a world where she is not safe anywhere. Consent has no meaning and her dignity is snatched away from her forcefully. We think, why? Why are people doing these things?” says Gaurav, adding, “We thought it was necessary for us to express our feelings about this. We wrote a song, and collaborated with a dancer from Pune, to make the video.”

Pratham describes, “The dancer is a female student of Hrishikesh Pawar. She brought another dimension to the video because she is a woman. She brought our words to life with her contemporary dance moves.”

The video of Realize The Pain is an abstract dramatisation of a girl’s internal turmoil as she lives caged behind the bars of society. “In the beginning of the video, the dancer is dancing freely and she looks beautiful. But as she progresses to enjoy the space around her, she has water thrown on her that shocks her and makes her hold herself back for a moment. It makes her struggle,” says Gaurav. 

The video has been well received and the duo has got positive feedback. “People have told us that it’s a good thought and we have worked on a good subject that needs to be put out. We were lucky enough to find the right people at the right time to make this a success,” says Pratham. 

The two work at their home studio in Ravet, and have their hands full with many upcoming projects. “We have been working on a couple of indie songs — one with Jonita Gandhi, who sang Gilehriyaan from Dangal, and one with Siddhart Basu, who recently sang for Munna Michael. There’s also a rock n roll song we are doing in collaboration with a Bengali artist,” says Gaurav.

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