Healthy servings

Anukriti Sharma
Sunday, 13 August 2017

Health on a Platter, co-founded by Pune-based Kajal Ambedkar and Sajida Bagwan, offers healthy yet delicious products like power-packed granola, 24-carat super flour and more for health-conscious people

There has been a growing craze for healthy eating and living to cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts. Several restaurants too are now serving nutritious and wholesome meals. Many homegrown and international brands are also launching healthy treats. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever product we pick from the store will be nutritious. In fact, how many of us actually read what is written on the label or find out more about some of the unknown ingredients on the label?

Health on a Platter, a Pune-based brand, has healthy products which blend traditional and contemporary tastes to suit the Indian palate. Talking about her brand, co-owner Sajida Bagwan, says, “It is a health food company which is a collective effort of me and my partner and childhood friend Kajal Ambedkar. While she is part of the food industry, I am a sports coach. This idea for Health on a Platter came to us four years ago when we got selected for the Maharashtra basketball team. We were the only 40 plus ladies amongst the youngsters but we realised that we had more energy and strength as compared to them. It boils down to the kind of food you are consuming on a daily basis.”

According to her, a person who looks physically fit does not mean that s/he is healthy. And a healthy-looking person might not always be physically fit.

To establish a brand requires a lot of hard work, genuine products, customer feedback and so on. However, Bagwan was confident throughout. She says, “We were pretty sure of our product. In fact, we first gave it to our family members to taste and they loved it. Honestly, we haven’t done any marketing for the product and directly launched it on Amazon and some stores in Pune like Dorabjee’s (Camp) and Fine Foods (Aundh).”

Their healthy food products are perfect for anyone who simply wishes to eat well and maximise their energy levels. They also ensure that the patrons are served nutritious products and that they enjoy the experience of a healthier lifestyle. They also work closely with experts to create delicious products that are well balanced and nutritionally good for people.

The products include two types of power-packed granola which don’t have any added preservatives and sugar giving a healthy start to a long day. With 14 all-natural ingredients, the granola is high on protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates.

“It provides you with all the essential nutrients required to keep you healthy. The 24-carat super flour consists of 24 different grains, millets, pulses and seeds. This odourless, neutral tasting flour can be substituted for maida (refined flour) in cakes, cookies and pancakes, and can also be used to make dosas, ladoos, bhakri, pithla and much more. With 21.71g of protein in every 100g of flour, you no longer need those artificial protein boosters. The flavoursome Chatpata Power Crunch incorporates all healthy, crunchy ingredients with pungent, tangy Indian spices. This can be used as a substitute for the farsan, chiwada or shev in your usual bhel or missal,” says Bagwan.

She also suggests that they want to build the habit of label reading amongst people since there are a lot of products that we buy without reading the ingredients. Or sometimes, there are certain ingredients that we don’t understand and don’t even bother knowing what they actually are. Their brand focuses on wholesome family meals and priced like any other health product in the market.

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