Healthy living is the way

Debarati Palit Singh
Monday, 2 April 2018

TV actress Megha Gupta has recently started her entrepreneurial venture called ‘The Mega Fix’ that sells Mega Balls, a nutritional laddoo-like ball.

Television actress Megha Gupta has turned entrepreneur through her healthy food venture. The actress, known for shows like Ayushman Bhava, Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai, Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli, Main Teri Parchhain Hoon and many others, has begun a new venture where she promotes healthy snack balls for those who are conscious about their fitness. She also shares healthy recipes on her Instagram page — The Mega Fix, as part of this.

She says that the idea of The Mega Fix is to educate people about eating healthy and how all the solutions are available in our kitchen. “The Mega Fix is not just restricted to healthy eating and recipes but is also a one-stop solution for a lot of your health and wellness queries. It’s to fix everything, from hair mask to face pack recipe questions. I have come up with something called the golden paste made of turmeric which can be eaten anytime. Usually, we do not eat turmeric as it is. Our ancestors used to urge us to drink turmeric milk but we rarely did,” she says.

She says that a lot of research goes into sharing each and every piece of information on to her Instagram page. “When I am sitting at home, I am on my laptop researching about what ingredient goes with what, new packs or recipes. On my Instagram page, I don’t tell people to ‘buy these products from me’. I just share helpful information with them,” says she, adding that people don’t need to go out and buy expensive products because the solutions are available around us.

It’s the response that her ‘Mega Balls’ has received that’s making her happy. Talking about them, she says, “The Mega Balls are selling well because people really need this kind of health dose. These are like energy balls made with almonds, dates, flak seeds, chia seeds, coconut, pumpkin and sunflower seeds among other ingredients. Usually we feel hungry between meals. If you have one of these Mega Balls, you will be sorted for a long time. From kids to elderly people, anyone can have these since there is no honey or sugar in it.”

She says that as the demand for these balls is increasing, it’s becoming challenging for her because she is single-handedly buying the ingredients, preparing the Mega Balls, and packaging them. “I have tied up with a delivery service now.” How did the shift from acting to business happen? “I wasn’t really a health-conscious person. I got inclined towards healthy living in 2011 when I started working out, eating healthy, and making healthy smoothies,” she answers.

Megha, who has always been interested in cooking and experimenting with different recipes, says that making the Mega Balls was a natural process for her. “When I was a kid, I used to watch my mother cook. Now I am passionate about it and it’s therapeutic for me. Once you know what goes into the things you eat, it becomes easy. I cook more by heart than mind. If you enjoy cooking, you will definitely come up with something or the other.”

The actress says that whenever she feels stressed out, she likes to cook and bake. “I like to mix and match recipes and do my own stuff. In fact, I forget what I have added, so I have started maintaining a cook book.”

In the pipeline is also her aim to start her own channel dedicated to healthy living and eating called ‘The Mega Pix’. “I am still thinking about it. It might happen sometime in the future but right now I am concentrating on my business because it requires a lot of hard work,” she signs off.

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