Groove to Junk

Amrita Prasad
Friday, 14 July 2017

We chat up Ameeth Thomas, vocalist and acoustic guitarist of the band Junkyard Groove which will perform in the city as part of Baleno Wicked Weekend tonight 

Junkyard Groove is a alternative rock band whose music resonates with the ‘bold’ old and young. With numbers like Nicer in a Minute, Imagine, Rock and Rock, Been So Long, Folk You, Its Okay and so on, the band has been driving crowds crazy with their catchy lyrics and energetic music. As part of the Baleno Wicked Weekend, the band will be performing at blueFROG tonight. The evening will also see DJ Nawed Khan creating magic with his mindblowing mixes. 

One of the top 10 indie bands in the country, Junkyard Groove has been alive and kicking for more than a decade now. The current Junkyard Groove artists include Ameeth Thomas on the vocals and acoustic guitar, Joshua Mark on guitars, Jitesh James Dharmaraj on bass and Ritesh Dharmaraj on drums. Their much awaited EP (extended play) Nicer in a Minute in 2009 and later, their music video for the track Losing You garnered a lot of attention. Their penchant for catchy hooks is what led them to open for bigger music stalwarts like Iron Maiden, Megadeath, Prodigy and many more.

“Life, living and freedom of expression,’’ says Ameeth, is the driving force for their music and the inspiration behind their lyrics. When asked to define the band’s music and why it draws music lovers in droves, he says, “The fact that people love beats of the music and groove to it, melodies and entertainment, answers the question. We do this and people like all of these.”

The band has collaborated with many Indian and international artists and bands, and each time the collaboration has resulted in a delight for music lovers. The band’s ability and flexibility to perfectly blend with any art form is the secret behind such successful association and harmony. Speaking on how music is a universal language for him and the difference in genres doesn’t matter, Ameeth says, “It does not make any difference to me as long as it’s music. Whether it is Rajasthani, Carnatic, Western classical, rock, metal, etc as long as it sounds good, it works for me.” Also, the band’s persistence and ‘continuously learning from mistakes and success’ has contributed to its success. 

With the number of music festivals happening in India and a lot of young musicians taking up rock music, the craze for the genre has become more visible in the last few years. “There is huge awareness of rock in India. Had it not been so popular, films like Rock On!! and Rock On 2 wouldn’t have been made!” he exclaims. 

Ameeth, who comes from a family of musicians and writers, says his culture and family have had an influence on his music. “My parents sing for one of the oldest Western music choirs in India (Madras Musical Association). My grandmother was a published writer,” says he adding that these shaped up his journey in music. 

Divulging on their upcoming projects, he  says, “‘We are putting out videos of us playing at Monkstar Live; the song production has been done by Zobo Studio. Also, a new EP Essential will be out soon.”

Attend Baleno Wicked Weekends, featuring Junkyard Groove and DJ Nawed Khan, at blueFROG, Ishanya Mall, Yerawada, July 15, 8.30 pm onwards

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