Greens for Bappa

Amrita Prasad
Saturday, 12 August 2017

City-based landscape designers and gardeners share tips on how to add indoor plants around your Ganapati idol

You must have already booked your Ganapati idol and are planning the decorations for your festive home. While you are sure about the kind of decoration around the idol, adding some greenery to your home will enhance the look of the area and also bring in some fresh air. Indoor plants helps you create a refreshing and rejuvenating environment within the house and when you make plants a part of your Ganapati celebration and décor, the beauty of your house not only goes a notch higher but it also keeps you closer to nature.

City-based landscape designer Soha Aslam, who also deals in customised planters and indoor plants, says that the best thing about Ganapati festival is that it comes in the monsoon season, and hence every household and even offices can put indoor plants and grass to best use while decorating the place where you install the idol. “When it comes to selecting the kinds of plants, there are many options. From cacti to succulents, colourful plants like ferns, palm plants, or the Chlorophytum (popularly known as the spider plant), you can get any of these and place them in planters/pots and decorate the puja place,” she advises.

Monsoon is the most conducive climate to grow indoor plants at home as they absorb the humidity in the air and also get the help of little sunlight that peeps through the clouds. Smaller plants like alovera, pothos, English Ivy, rubber tree, dumb canes, bonsai and even smaller bamboo plants can be quick decorating items around your Ganehsa idol.

Says Aslam, “In Hindu mythology, durva grass is considered auspicious and what better time to grow them inside your house and around the idol! All you have to do it is spread some sand or clay over a piece of cloth on the floor beside the idol and plant some grass. They do not require much care and maintenance. You get the seeds in any plant nursery. They grow fast and look beautiful. Even Ganesha loves them. Another option is aloevera. Aloevera, a plant from the succulent family, brings a lot of freshness to your home and you can even get smaller varieties to grow indoors.” She further adds that Tusi or Indian Basil, sacred and full of medicinal properties, is a great way to add greens to your Ganapati décor. If you want to add some more beauty, peace lily is one of the best indoor plants. “Peace lily is a common indoor plant and they look elegant and beautiful. They grow easily and will enhance your décor,” she concludes.

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