Grab the right pair

Amrita Prasad
Monday, 7 May 2018

While a pair of jeans is the most basic piece in the list of your fashion must-haves, buying the right one can be quite daunting. Here’s some advice

If there’s one item in your closet that you would never want to part with, it is the good old pair of denims. A pair of jeans — old, new, rugged, embellished, washed-out, distressed, skinny, flared — is the most versatile piece of clothing that you own and perhaps don’t think twice before putting it on for most occasions.

For a man, a pair of blue denims teamed up with a vest and a smart blazer is good enough to make him ready for a party. However, it is the ladies who are spoilt for choice when it comes to combining this ‘basic’ pair with anything.  Also, purchasing the perfect pair isn’t that simple — from the right fit, to fabric, colour, cut and length to your own body-type — everything plays an important part when it comes to choosing a pair of jeans, and sadly most of us often fail at this. We are too consumed and influenced by trends and often forget to keep important parameters in mind while buying them.

Size and colour
Bhavya Chawla, chief stylist at, suggests that while purchasing a pair of jeans one must be sure that the fabric is slightly stretchable, as it will provide you with both comfort and a good fitting. “The size of your jeans should perfectly match your waist size. While this may seem like common sense, there are a lot of people who go for one/two sizes smaller thinking that it might make them look thinner/slimmer. But this highlights their tummy even more. On the other hand if the size of the jeans is bigger than your waist size, it will make you look sloppy. So ensure that your waist size matches your jeans size,” suggests Chawla, who believes that the right colour of the denims you buy makes a lot of difference to your look and feel too. She adds, “Compared to light colours, dark colours make you look thinner and taller. If you want to wear jeans to office, then dark colours are more preferable because they give you a formal look.”

Sumedh Pathak, stylist from Bengaluru feels that apart from the size and the colour, it is crucial that your jeans don’t give a glimpse at your hind or derrière. He advises, “To avoid underwear exposure or a peek-a-boo at your back, you must see that the gap between your body and the waistband of the jeans is never less than an inch.”

Another piece of advice that Pathak shares with women who love to pair their denims with stilettos or heels is that you must try denims with the heels to get a better idea of the length.
Pathak differs with Chawla about the size of the jeans and feels that a size smaller is a wise idea. “Pick up a size smaller than you think you want and then use your finger to check the flexibility of the waistband. If two fingers can slide in the waistband, it means that the size is perfect for you and you needn’t go a size bigger,” he argues, adding that with time, denims only expand.

The wise rise 
You may have noticed the band of your denims having the sizes as low rise, mid rise and high rise. Says Chawla, “Not many people know about the rise of jeans.  Low rise jeans are worn two to three inches below the navel. Mid rise jeans are worn on the navel. High rise jeans are worn two inches above the navel. People with flat tummy can wear low rise jeans or high rise jeans as it will make them look more attractive. Whereas people who don’t have a flat tummy should wear mid-rise jeans as it helps in hiding the tummy fat. If you plan to wear a pair of low rise jeans, make sure you don’t bend much and put a belt around your waist.”

We all have brands that we swear by and for denims, it is always better to remain loyal to brands that offer you the best fit and cut. “Knowing your brands well is one of the easiest ways to save time and shop hassle-free,” adds Pathak.

That apart, the jeans pockets too serve a purpose — that of making you look slim or fat? Says Chawla, “Back pockets are very important if you wish to look thinner. Jeans with patch pockets are recommended too. Don’t forget to wear a belt as it will hold your jeans in place and complete your look.”

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