A good-looking Bobber

K Shivraj
Saturday, 14 October 2017

Versatile, refined, and combining old-school styling with modern engineering, Triumph Bonneville Bobber is enjoyable to ride at speeds under 120kmph

Triumph Bonneville Bobber marks the arrival of the fifth motorcycle under the Bonneville brand line-up. The most niche offering till date, the motorcycle is highly distinctive in its appearance. Stylish and premium in its build, and true to its Bobber-styling, the bike flaunts a floating aluminum single seat which can be adjusted to an ‘up and forward’ and ‘down and back’ position.

The angle of the single dial analogue instrument is adjustable and its face can be adjusted to point directly at the rider. Contributing to the Bobber styling of the motorcycle, the hardtail look was achieved by pairing a classic ‘cage’ swing arm with an underseat shock absorber. The shock absorber linkage speaks about the attention to detail.

Combining classic Bobber appeal with a modern construction, the travel of the rear suspension of the Bonneville Bobber is 76.2mm, and the rear fender and the tail lamp assembly are mounted on the ‘cage’ swing arm!
Single seat

The single-seat motorcycle has a new tank and is smaller than that of the T120. It retains Triumph’s signature knee recesses and flaunts beautiful badges. With the battery box subtly pointing at heritage, the spoke wheels of the motorcycle add to the ‘Bobber’ styling. Fake carbs apart, the Bonneville Bobber gets ‘drum’ inspired rear brake hub. The ignition switch is to the right and under the tank. The side panel and the sprocket cover of the motorcycle comes with a removable inspection cap. The engine covers are brushed, and the handlebar is satin and graphite.

While the seat height should make it comfortable for an average-height Indian rider, the single seat is firm.  ABS and traction control equipped, the Bonneville Bobber fires up with a burbling exhaust note. Twist the throttle and the exhaust note turns throaty. If the torque assist clutch makes the clutch pull light, fuelling of the 1200cc liquid-cooled parallel twin motor, which produces 77PS power at 6100rpm, is near perfect. To blip the throttle is fun.

Tackles corners well
Accelerating past 150kmph without much effort, the motorcycle, with the throttle wide open, climbs beyond 175kmph. Beyond 4000rpm, the exhaust note gathers a certain urgency. The pull continues to be strong.
Despite the ability to do good speeds, the ‘sweet spot’ of the Bonneville Bobber is at speeds below 120kmph where it feels most comfortable and enjoyable to ride. At speeds above 120kmph, bumps filter straight through to the spine making it uncomfortable.

The Bobber likes to lean in corners. Turning the throttle will get the bike to achieve a strong exit out of the corner. The single 310mm dia disc at front and a 255mm disc at the rear provide good stopping power.

Priced at Rs 9.09 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi, the Bonneville Bobber costs Rs 30,000 less than the T120. Less costly than the Thruxton R by Rs 1.9 lakh, the motorcycle comes across as distinct. At speeds under 120kmph, the Bonneville Bobber is impressive.

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